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The 2018 CQ Ranking Manager Thread

Come in and talk about betting, computer games and cycling simulations, and your office's or online fantasy cycling leagues.

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23 Oct 2018 08:12

Thanks skidmark for organizing another great edition of the game and congratulations to those that have seemingly secured the overall podium. Nice to see my name in an update after sliding down to 60th place from just inside top-30 in the 2nd half of the season. Several of my expensive picks let me down this year. Looking forward to the next edition, I've already compiled a longlist ;)
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24 Oct 2018 15:15

Looking forward to Moscon's points in China hopefully dragging me into top 40
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Re: The 2018 CQ Ranking Manager Thread

26 Oct 2018 03:33

Update #41: It's Not All Over Just Yet

I spoke a bit too soon last week when I said the podium had been sewn up; post-monument, there was some dramatic movement at the death of things, which I should really have learned to anticipate after 7 years of watching this game and knowing that when there are only a few active riders on each team left, a big week for a rider or two can really change things up in the standings. Anyway:

This Week's Top Scorers

Rank Team Points this week
1 adamski101 544
2 trackstand 541
3 Hugo Koblet 529
4 nuvolablu 515
5 karaev 497

adamski101 ekes out a victory in the final 'big' week of the season, getting 544 impressive points mostly from 3 riders: Gianni Moscon (257 points, 21 teams) wins in China to go over 1000 points for the year after being at three hundred and something just a few weeks back; Fabio Jakobsen (134 points, 28 teams) just keeps on chugging in his neo-pro year, and Rob Power (140 points, 16 teams) gets what I think can be considered a breakthrough win at the Japan Cup. Other than that, Sivakov got 8 points and Stijn Vandenbergh (oh yeah! I forgot about him!) got 5, and that was it for adamski. Their team went big before it went home this week. trackstand just misses out in 2nd place, with both Moscon and Power, but gets 114 points from Ackermann (the gift that keeps on giving for the 6 teams that took him) and some not-quite-enough points from Brambilla, Carthy and Kennaugh. Game founder Hugo Koblet gets his name in lights once more before the end of the season, nabbing third with of course Moscon and Jakobsen, and some decent points from Ruben Fernandez and Max Walscheid.

This Week's High Movers

Rank Team Up/down
1 adamski101 (+12)
2 Hugo Koblet (+11)
3 Hakkie2 (+10)
4 nuvolablu (+8)
5 Vesica (+7)
5 PremierAndrew (+7)
5 rote_laterne (+7)
5 Eric10 (+7)

The movement was actually higher than last week after Lombardia, with some similar names as the first list at the top (sans trackstand, who didn't have much farther up to move - more on that below). Hakkie2 is a new name in this list, nabbing 3rd and meriting a mention in the update.

Green Jersey Competition

Rank Team Total
1 Squire 240
2 Eric10 224
3 archieboy 221
4 Kryvo 213
5 Geraint Too Fast 212
6 greenedge 203

I mentioned last update that a weekly win would get any of the top 6 into first place, and also speculated that Geraint Too Fast had Moscon and so might perform well, but it was all for naught. GTF landed in 19th place, just out of the points, and no one in the top 10 overall got any points (the highest overall ranking for a point-getter this week was trackstand moving into 12th). It looks like, unless something really wacky happens in the final races of the season, Squire has got this ranking wrapped up.

Top 10 Overall

Rank Up/down Team Points
1 (-) ruvu75 16465
2 (-) Squire 16091
3 (+1) trackstand 15789
4 (-1) TheArt 15567
5 (-) MADRAZO 14697
6 (-) Gigs_98 14624
7 (+1) kabete 14510
8 (-1) Total Package 14301
9 (+3) GP Blanco 14291
10 (+10) Hakkie2 14129

Wow! Some real movement at the end. Not at the very top - ruvu and Squire essentially keep pace with ruvu gaining 18 points, but that was mostly done and dusted anyway. But last update I said TheArt had pretty much sewn up third, and I was definitely wrong on that front. trackstand's incredible week outscores TheArt by 379 points and flips the script, moving decisively onto the podium, pipping TheArt in the sprint for third. Things do mostly hold the same in the top 10, with kabete and Total Package flipping spots, but at the bottom of the top 10 GP Blanco jumps in with an impressive 3 spot leap, and Hakkie2 vaults an entirely improbable 10 spots to land in the top 10 overall! I can't recall such a dramatic jump into the top 10 in October before, congrats to Hakkie. (a little lower down, Hugo Koblet jumps 11 spots to 16th overall). The success of GP and Hakkie comes at the expense of Eyeballs Out and Kryvo, who still are going to have very respectable finishes but slide out of the top 10.

I know the 'major' races are over and only a small handul of teams have riders even riding in the remaining races in the year. But despite the outcome being pretty set, the game is still live until - as stated in the opening post - the last 2.1 or higher race is done. It turns out that after the 2.HC Hainan that starts this week and goes until the end of next week, the only race fitting this category is the 2.1 Tour of Fuzhou from November 14th-18th. Here's how it's going to work - I'm going to acknowledge that coming updates will have little effect on the overall, but still deserve recognition for the weekly winners etc. So right now I can give a soft congratulations to the final podium, with ruvu75 in 1st, Squire in 2nd, and trackstand in 3rd. But I will still have (probably truncated) updates until the end of Fuzhou. I will follow the precedent of years past, in that Green Jersey points will be pro-rated if there are fewer than 15 teams scoring, so that the lowest scoring team will get 2 points, the 2nd lowest 4 points, up to the winner of the week. In the meantime, feel free to post here about your reflections on how your team did this year, how you're feeling about the game, any suggestions for next year etc. The new game thread should be up a couple of weeks after the last update of the year.

As most people usually check out by the time the last official update comes out (well, I'm sure most have even checked out by now), there isn't really an ideal platform for a formal sendoff from me, so I'll just say here - thank you for participating in another edition of this always-fun game. I still really enjoy all aspects of it, from making a long list to revealing all the teams to the first races of the year to seeing how the season develops. Cheers to all you folks who pick a team, play and contribute throughout the year, and to all who helped with updates, sent PMs about errors in the spreadsheet, and so on and so on.

spreadsheet at dropbox
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26 Oct 2018 03:50

Thank you, skidmark, for putting this game together and keep track of things. Had fun in my first attempt and not really knowing what I was doing finishing lower end of mid pack isn't too bad.

For this week, although a more popular pick (on 42 teams) thank you Ruben Fernandez for saving my week for me. Plus a handful of points from 8 other riders with 4 of those riders being on less than 10 other teams and 1 being on less than 15 other teams. My very unique team wasn't the best, but also wasn't the worst. I'm still thrilled I got a week win way back in the early part of the season.

Congrats to all who participated, and esp to those who finished on the podium.
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26 Oct 2018 12:39

Thanks, skidmark, for organising the game!

I'm happy with being up there for most of the season. Hopefully I manage to keep the green jersey as a nice bonus after I missed out on the top spot.

This is the 2nd highest scoring year ever, which is pretty cool. I will have the year-by-year stats up soon after the final update.

I'm happy with most of my team. The riders with 'lost' seasons are of course frustrating, but everybody has some of those. This is definitely the last year I'm picking Betancur, and I'm quite annoyed that I didn't pick Ackermann over Kennaugh, which was a bit of a coin-toss for me. The lure of hitting exactly 7500 points might have swayed me on that one.

I'm loving that Brenton Jones ended up being an okay pick points-wise, despite turning out to be quite useless as a Pro Conti sprinter. And I had a great unique pick in Cees Bol (zero-pointer scoring 240). Any better?

Next year is gonna be extremely interesting. I've just started thinking about my team, and it's really hard finding enough picks that I'm pleased with this time. So many options, and none of them seem really great. We could have some very different teams fighting for the top spots.
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26 Oct 2018 14:51

Wow! I had given up hope to finish top-10 when I checked GPBlanco's team and saw he had Moscon as well. Thought I would finish 11th or 12th. But this Ackermann guy just keeps on delivering!
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26 Oct 2018 15:57

First and foremost, thanks for running the game, skidmark. You're doing an incredible job!
Next, congratulations to ruvu75 with the victory (although we're not officially done yet, I don't think it's premature to congratulate them).

I'm quite satisfied with my finish. Some of more most expensive picks didn't work out (Gaviria and Moscon) but other than that I'm not too unhappy with my team as most of the other disappointments were rather popular picks as far as I remember. I think I'll have a look at next year's team already actually :)
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26 Oct 2018 16:23

Finally got a mention in an update.. All a bit too little too late but nice to finish on a high.

Thanks to Skidmark for running the game again this year. All your time and effort is most appreciated.
Time to start working on next year's team!!
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Re: The 2018 CQ Ranking Manager Thread

27 Oct 2018 21:20

Thanks, Skidmark. You have done an important job: you have helped us to enjoy our leisure. I hope that next year we meet again. A hug (Google translation)
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28 Oct 2018 17:13

Yes, cheers Skidmark. Awesome work.
Top heavy mostly worked for me .... Gaviria aside. Some great cheap picks .... Soler, Kanter, Hodeg and Basso. I had an entertaining season and mid-pack finish at over 150%, which was pretty much the extent of my ambition. Already planning for next season :)
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Re: The 2018 CQ Ranking Manager Thread

02 Nov 2018 13:32

Thanks all for the kind words, I'm glad that folks are still enjoying this game and looking to next year. If you've been to the CQ site lately (perhaps preparing for next year), you'll note on the banner across the top that the last update is still stuck on October 21st. So the closeout of the game is subject to their erratic end-of-season schedule. I'll keep my eye on it and update when possible... I know there were a handful of riders in the game scoring points in Hainan, so I'll be sure to get that up when it comes. I'm sure I'll do a post-mortem on my own year, but I'm swamped in coursework right now so that will come eventually, then looking towards next year which I haven't even started yet!
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Re: The 2018 CQ Ranking Manager Thread

07 Nov 2018 22:45

Update #42: Green Jersey flips at the last of it

CQ has released their November 4th update, which includes the 1.HC Tour of Hainan that took place over the last two weeks. Somewhat surprisingly for this late in the game, 89 teams scored at least some points this week, although nobody scored very many. It wasn't enough to affect the overall standings, but it was certainly enough to change things up in the minor competitions. And, of course, probably the last chance for one's name in lights as a weekly leader.

This Week's Top Scorers

Rank Team Points this week
1 AupaPyama 116
2 Nicosix 113
3 karaev 66
3 fauniera 66
5 Eric10 63
5 search 63

A narrow win for AupaPyama this week - although I suppose it was bound to be narrow with low totals. How does one get 116 points so late in the game, one might ask? Well, take a rare rider (Raymond Kreder, 2 teams) on a small team going to a race in Asia with tons of potential sprint stages, and you'll get some placing points (65 on the week). Take a more popular rider (Andrea Guardini, 66 teams) in a similar situation and sprinkle that on (43 points). Then take a sort of popular rider who has sort of been a bust that nobody who owned him probably even knew he was racing (Vincenzo Albanese, 50 teams) and put his meagre tally as a garnish (5 points). You may have guessed by this point that Nicosix was the other team with Kreder, and so this recipe thus far has been followed by both teams at the top. But you know how you win the week, the cherry on top? Be one of the 4 teams with a rare and not that great sprinter (Brenton Jones) who manages a 4th place somewhere along the line to pick up 3 points to put you over the top. And that's how you win in November! And how do you get third, as karaev and fauniera have managed? Well it's Guardini and Albanese again, but with a hint of Imerio Cima (18 points, 4 teams). Your name in (the fading, end-of-season) lights!

This Week's High Movers

Rank Team Up/down
1 Nicosix (+3)
2 karaev (+2)
2 scrooll07 (+2)
2 JSpear (+2)
2 torcia_86 (+2)

Well, at least we had a clear winner, as there was loads of potential for ties. Nicosix moves up an enormous 3 places on the board, which is actually when you think about it pretty good for 100ish points on the last week of the season. There's a 4-way tie for second, and an 18-way tie for third with a bunch of teams moving up one spot.

October's Top Scorers

Rank Team Points this Month
1 trackstand 1439
2 Hugo Koblet 1349
3 nuvolablu 1301
4 GP Blanco 1290
5 karaev 1288

If you are a careful reader of these updates, you likely noticed that trackstand had a meteoric rise in the late season to land the third podium spot in the last big update. It should be no surprise that their team leads this ranking, with a robust 1439 points cobbled together from a bunch of Italian one-day races including Lombardia, a few second-tier WT races in Turkey and China, and scattered other October offerings. Let's go through trackstand's greatest hits list - the biggest #1 smash (and I'm not talking about his fist to other riders' faces) is Gianni Moscon, who bounced back from his, ah, troubles to score 321 points in October; beyond that are three high-charting singles in Pascal Ackermann (185 more to his already impressive year), Rob Power (145 to end a solid if quiet year), and Ion Izagirre with 100 more to move over 1100 for the year. Guys like Lopez, Terpstra, Kennaugh and Van Poppel all contributed over 75 points. Hugo Koblet had a nice end to the season too, even more top-heavy with Moscon, Max Walscheid (203 points) and Fabio Jakobsen (161) as the riders over 100 points for the month. nuvolablu finishes a solid third, with Moscon and Power and lots of little points from a bunch of guys.

October's High Movers

Rank Team Up/down
1 Hugo Koblet (+13)
1 nuvolablu (+13)
3 Vesica (+12)
4 Hakkie2 (+11)
5 LaFlorecita (+10)
5 Roubaix (+10)
5 18-Valve. (pithy) (+10)
5 Eric10 (+10)
5 karaev (+10)

Papa Hugo (because he founded this game; okay Hugo, sorry I'll never call you that again) and nuvolablu tie for top spot on this chart, and of course being the end of the season the standings are stratified so the moves aren't the largest ever. Points winner trackstand was already in the top 10 and had nowhere to move, so their team doesn't appear here and instead Vesica sneaks onto the podium on this ranking (highest-scoring pick that hasn't been mentioned already: Florian Senechal with 132 on the month).

Green Jersey Competition

Rank Team Total
1 Eric10 245
2 Squire 240
3 archieboy 221
4 Kryvo 213
5 Geraint Too Fast 212
6 greenedge 203
7 fauniera 193
7 ruvu75 193
9 Giallo 192
10 zlev11 186

Squire, I'm sorry. Already a bridesmaid in the overall standings, Squire relinquishes the lead in this competition at the last. Eric10 gets 21 points in a tie for 5th place, which is enough to overhaul Squire for the lead in this competition, as their team was already in 2nd in the rankings. Lower down in the top 10, last year's overall winner fauniera (28 points this week) moves into a tie for 7th with this year's overall winner ruvu75 (1 point this week in a huge tie for 10th on the week), and Giallo scores 15 to hop into the top 10.

Top 10 Overall

Rank Up/down Team Points
1 (-) ruvu75 16513
2 (-) Squire 16099
3 (-) trackstand 15832
4 (-) TheArt 15615
5 (-) MADRAZO 14697
6 (-) Gigs_98 14624
7 (-) kabete 14556
8 (-) Total Package 14344
9 (-) GP Blanco 14339
10 (-) Hakkie2 14177

There is no movement in this ranking, so take a snapshot of this as your almost-certainly final standings. A couple of spots were switched in the top 20, but the top 10 stays solid. There is officially one more update that counts with the 2.1 Tour of Fuzhou, which I will dutifully post if it provides any points, but the participating teams are obscure and it's entirely possible that no one in this game scores any points. So that's pretty much it! Remember to come back around for next year's game when it's time to submit teams around New Years! Interestingly, it looks like the Aussie roads are before the TTs next year, so the new game will start the day before the road race on January 5th.

Spreadsheet at dropbox
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08 Nov 2018 07:59

Thanks a lot skidmark and congrats the winners, podium finishers and those who did better than they expected.

Think I might have taken the award for the 3 most expensive riders with the least point this year. Now the only question is whether to double down or not.
Who has next years build a team spreadsheet?
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Re: The 2018 CQ Ranking Manager Thread

08 Nov 2018 09:07

Thanks skidmark! Also thanks to the other users who did updates.

Congrats ruvu75!
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Re: The 2018 CQ Ranking Manager Thread

08 Nov 2018 14:32

skidmark wrote:Squire, I'm sorry. Already a bridesmaid in the overall standings, Squire relinquishes the lead in this competition at the last.

That's brutal. :sad:

Congratulations to Ruvu75! Niki Terpstra and the inspired pick of Valentin Madouas made the difference. It would have been more fun if my rival for the top spot over the past months had actually been active on the forum, but it has been exciting nonetheless. The more knowledgable participants to measure up against, the better, and posting in the thread is of course no requirement.

In my mini summary upthread I forgot to mention my joy at Moreno Moser turning out not to be a disastrous pick despite having his worst season ever, bar that one day. The knowledge that he and others like Betancur and Dombrowski will inevitably be picked again next year entertains me. :D
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08 Nov 2018 17:38

Great work Skidmark and your various stand-ins: my recent history of abject failure has continued, but interest in the game is unabated.

I know the feeling very well though about the updates that one suspects most competitors have lost interest in...
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09 Nov 2018 03:13

Skidmark, and the others who did these, thank you for all the work you put into the updates. Looking forward to trying again next year. Also trying to figure out if I can find a way to put my boy on my team next year or if that's just a not very smart idea.
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Re: The 2018 CQ Ranking Manager Thread

21 Nov 2018 00:27

Update #43: Huge Points in Final Week of CQ Game

...just kidding. But there were some points!

Oscar freakin' Sevilla, of all people, got 2 points for 11th place at the 2.2 Vuelta Michoacan in Mexico. Guybrush had him as a unique pick, so Guybrush scores 2 points and wins the week as no one else had any point getters in Fuzhou or elsewhere.

The game is officially done! I can now offer an official congratulations to this year's top 10, which is unchanged from the last update:

Rank Team Points
1 ruvu75 16513
2 Squire 16099
3 trackstand 15832
4 TheArt 15615
5 MADRAZO 14697
6 Gigs_98 14624
7 kabete 14556
8 Total Package 14344
9 GP Blanco 14339
10 Hakkie2 14177

The 2 points scored this week didn't change the standings or the green jersey standings (I gave Guybrush 2 points in that, following my precedent in other weeks when fewer than 15 teams scored of giving 15th place points to the lowest team that scored and moving up from there), so there is no need to issue a new spreadsheet, the standings of the last sheet are official. For those who track or aggregate all time stats, you can manually add 2 points to Guybrush's total :)

Thanks once again to all for playing! I will certainly follow up by early to mid December to start next year's thread.
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21 Nov 2018 17:06

Right, so with Guybrush's score quite insignificantly beefed up by 2 points, here are the all-time overall scores etc.

Top overall score
Rank, name, total score
1 (-) skidmark 110370
2 (-) Kazistuta 105933
3 (-) MADRAZO 105687
4 (-) Hugo Koblet 104435
5 (-) EvansIsTheBest 102131
6 (+2) Ferminal 97985
7 (-1) Armchair cyclist 96869
8 (+2) Jpettersen 96730
9 (+4) Object 96208
10 (-3) will10 96206

There were minimal differences between skidmark and Kazistuta this year so the gap stays almost the same, but Madrazo in 3rd makes up almost 2000 points on Kazistuta. No changes in position in the top 5, but I'm surprised it's still possible to jump 4 spots like Object did, considering none of the top 15 missed this year's edition. It's still a requirement to have participated in all 8 editions to make the top 10, but Geraint Too Fast with 7 participations isn't too far back: In 11th just 3 points behind will10!

Average placement (3+ participations)
Rank, name, (no. of participations), average placement
1 (New) Hakkie2 (3) 14
2 (-) The Hitch (5) 16
3 (-2) Geraint Too Fast (7) 18
4 (+2) Squire (6) 21
5 (-) gustienordic (4) 24
6 (-3) skidmark (8) 25
7 (-3) Kazistuta (8) 26
8 (-1) Nyssinator (3) 26
9 (-1) Cykeltyven (3) 27
10 (+10) Ruvu75 (4) 27

Hakkie2 set out to conquer the top of this list back in January, and duly delivered! With a record of 20th, 12th and 10th over the last three years, it's thoroughly deserved! This year's winner Ruvu75 makes a massive leap into the top 10, while Geraint Too Fast loses the lead. However, Geraint Too Fast's extraordinary record of never finishing outside the top 30 is kept intact by a slim margin. A lot of points from Gianni Moscon's great end to the season carries GTF's team into 28th place.

Top weekly scores
Rank, name, weekly score, (after which race)
1 Ben1376 2146 (Giro d'Italia 2014)
2 fauniera 2101 (Giro d'Italia 2014)
3 CQmanager 2063 (Tour de France 2015)
4 Kwibus 1962 (Vuelta a Espana 2011)
5 kurtinsc 1940 (Vuelta a Espana 2011)
6 Milanello 1930 (Giro d'Italia 2014)
7 Ruvu75 1899 (Tour de France 2015)
8 highoctane 1885 (Giro d'Italia 2014)
9 Slow_Rider 1875 (Giro d'Italia 2014)
10 MCardinalR 1874 (Giro d'Italia 2014)

No new entries in the top 10 of the top weekly scores since 2015. Pantani1 posts the biggest week of 2018 with 1806 points after the Tour de France, enough for 14th best week of all time.

Top yearly scores
Rank, name, yearly score, (year)
1 skidmark 19372 (2012)
2 Kvinto 18106 (2012)
3 Nyssinator 17785 (2012)
4 FF'Wilco 17116 (2012)
5 TeoSheva 17096 (2012)
6 Armchair cyclist 17092 (2012)
7 EvansIsTheBest 16911 (2012)
8 ruvu75 16513 (2018)
9 mc_mountain 16479 (2012)
10 shalgo 16446 (2012)

For the first time since 2012: A new entry in the top yearly scores list! Ruvu75 with 16513 points is the one to finally break into the top 10. This makes 2018 the 2nd highest scoring year of all time. We now have 3 teams above 16000 points in non-2012 years: Ruvu75 and my own team (Squire, with 16099 points) join Cykeltyven's 2015 team, which scored 16209 points.

Most popular picks
Rank, name, percentage of teams, (year)
1 BOONEN Tom 92 % (2014)
2 KITTEL Marcel 92 % (2016)
3 SCHLECK Andy 90 % (2013)
4 HUSHOVD Thor 89 % (2013)
5 CAVENDISH Mark 89 % (2018)
6 DEGENKOLB John 89 % (2017)
7 NIZZOLO Giacomo 86 % (2018)
8 HENAO MONTOYA Sergio Luis 86 % (2015)
9 COQUARD Bryan 85 % (2018)
10 EWAN Caleb 85 % (2015)

A few very popular picks in 2018, with all of Cavendish, Nizzolo and Coquard making the top 10 of most obvious picks of all time. Among them, Nizzolo was the only really successful pick, with a 444 point return on a cost of 66.

Top overall picks
Rank, name, overall picks
1 (+1) PHINNEY Taylor 358
2 (-1) DOMBROWSKI Joseph Lloyd 348
3 (-) BETANCUR GOMEZ Carlos Alberto 346
4 (+1) MOSER Moreno 327
5 (-1) GOSS Matthew 289
6 (+15) CAVENDISH Mark 276
7 (+15) CHAVES RUBIO Jhoan Esteban 268
8 (-) EWAN Caleb 260
9 (-3) SCHLECK Andy 257
10 (+18) LOPEZ MORENO Miguel Angel 255

Phinney is back on top. All of the top 4 had a substantial number of backers this year as well. "It has to be this year! It has to be this year!"

Best rookie
Year, name, placing
2012 Nyssinator 3rd
2013 SteelyDan 1st
2014 Cykeltyven 2nd
2015 snccdcno 3rd
2016 abbulf 3rd
2017 SafeBet 22nd
2018 TheArt 4th
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22 Nov 2018 13:56

Thanks skidmark for running this game again this year.
And thank you Squire for the all-time lists.
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