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FirstCycling.com - now in english!

Come in and talk about betting, computer games and cycling simulations, and your office's or online fantasy cycling leagues.

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Re: FirstCycling.com - now in english!

24 May 2015 14:48

Prize pool for the Tour des Fjords manager at http://www.FirstCycling.com

Prizes for the top three managers overall:
1. Yellow Uno-X leader's jersey - signed by Alexander Kristoff
2. Blue Coop points jersey
3. Polkadot Centric Energy mountain jersey
Best new manager (with a maximum of 3 manager game entries) wins White Mot youth jersey.
The Green Fjord Tours combative jersey will be given to a random team entering the competition.
Sign up before the race starts on Wednesday, May 27th at 13:40 CET.

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23 Dec 2015 04:23

Giving this thread a bump. This is my favorite cycling game. You pick a team of 7-9 riders (depending on the actual size of teams in the race) and you score off stage wins and gc. It's very fun and there's good competition. There's game managers for 100+ races throughout the year...more than enough to keep ya busy. :)

First races are San Luis and TdU.
Skyline Drive
Canton Ave Climb
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Re: FirstCycling.com - now in english!

23 Dec 2015 10:42

Here's the complete manager calendar for 2016, plenty to keep a-busy with for the connaisseur:
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09 Jan 2016 22:43

Two hours until the manager for the Australian RR closes and you'll be running behind in the season competiton, TDU- and San Luis-competitions also open.
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Re: FirstCycling.com - now in english!

25 Jul 2017 09:10

Hey folks, multiple managers coming up! Vuelta Colombia for example, there aren't many previews available on this so you could really show ur knowledge here! One week to go and I'm only sure about one thing in my team :


Simple rules really :

- choose your team of 9 riders
- the riders score points for places between no.1-30
(2x the scale for GC positions in stage races, own rules for Grand Tours)
- your riders have different roles inside your team, from captains to domestiques (the different roles gets calculated in how many points a rider get for a victory etc, the variables are shown where you select your team)
- So lets say your rider wins the GC, that's 200 points. See the points table below


Lastly I must say that my favorite tool of all is "Follow the rider" -option. After you've followed the rider they will be marked on all result lists on the site and you can get your own, personal result feed. For example something like this


http://www.firstcycling.com - Give it a try
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25 Jul 2017 11:03

In addition to manager competitions for about 100 races each year, there are also games for the seasoned nerd (like LosBrolin and me):

Fantasy Grand Tours: one-off games for grand tours where 15-20 DSs compile nine-man squads through auction rounds with the participating riders. Tour Fantasy just finished http://firstcycling.com/fcfstart.php, Vuelta-fantasy coming up

Season Fantasy: the ultimate game, dynasty fantasy game where 15-20 DSs compile 20-30 riders squads through drafts and trades in two windows each season. Current teams here http://firstcycling.com/fcfseason.php, intake of new managers before 2018-season sets off in Januray
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