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2017-19 Emerging riders CQ Game

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01 Feb 2017 10:59

1 unpopular pick for me with Gesbert, that was a great junior and seems in good progress, and perhaps with a chance to score a lot in the many french races suiting him well in the next years. It was the last pick and a bit with the heart and despite him also being out for 8 weeks starting the season. Had I taken Frankiny who was a obvious candidate I would have been topping the popularity ranking, but that would also have been a bit boring. Also I just held the age against Frankiny thinking that his talent will not really compare to the great u23 results this year with him being 22 already last year., so I hope his improvement wont be that explosive anymore. On the other hand I also tried to avoid most riders not having a procontract yet, despite huge talents. For instance a rider like Storer that looks like a massive talent, but that I just think will be too handicapped in the 3 year game. Same goes for other very huge talents like Lambrecht, Vanhoucke, Hindley, Padun, Riabushenko or some of the other young columbians that were all very tempting but where I doubt they will score enough within 3 years especially starting with the team-handicap and most of them also being very young. Other significant picks I skipped was the very hyped Carapaz that I simply has struggled to find the impressive enough results from (him dominating spanish amateurraces at his age, dont say that much anymore, sadly) , just as well as his teamrole on a superstrong Movistar Team will likely be a handicap, but perhaps would have been picked had I seen him ride, and I might regret this, and then ofcourse Daniel Martinez, where I just think his progress last year was too dissapointing. So in the end I decided a bit of a gamble pick instead of one of those 3. The other last spots on my team came to Dibben, that has obvious talent but where the Sky-team is a handicap, but now he got the chance anyway (propably because of his recent Malorca result), and to Planckaert, where one can always hope he will improve enough to get a Van Asbroeck/Theuns kind of season in a couple of years, but where I suppose its more likely he will not. But at least he will for sure have the chance.

Seing the teams now, Im surpriced I missed that Paolo Simion was eligable likely just expecting him to be over 200 when going trough the cq-ranking, without checking. Im glad only 2 teams has him included as he should be quite a good pick.
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01 Feb 2017 19:58

Gesbert was in the main game CQ team that I first submitted, but he had to be sacrificed to make room for Vorganov. Considered him for this game as well, but you never really know with French attackers. Could be a Chavanel, or could be a Kadri. Gesbert will definitely be my biggest regret if he does well. Being the best French junior of his class is fairly promising, afterall.

There are a lot of riders who are unique picks for other teams who I strongly considered, and a lot of popular ones who didn't convince me. It's my first time playing this game, so I don't really know what to expect.
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01 Feb 2017 20:15

Pretty surprised to see me that high on the popularity ranking considering everything. I think picking Reyes and especially Higuita will prove to be a mistake, despite their talents, due to how the CQ rankings work. But its more fun to pick with your heart than your brain, especially in a 3 year long game.
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07 Feb 2017 19:35

So here we go:
Year 1, month 1 (to 5th Feb)

Best scorers
RESTREPO VALENCIA Jhonatan 148pts 20 teams (10th in TDU, 4th in Evvans' Ocean Race)
SCOTSON Miles 127 13 (Aussie RR win, 5th in the TT and finishers' points)
HINDLEY Jai 119 1 (2nd in Herald Sun, and a few other points, for Jakob747)
STORER Michael 106 8 (5th in Herald Sun, 15th in TDU)
MINALI Riccardo 75 14 (7th in GC and stage points in Dubai)
HAMILTON Lucas 74 2 (7th in Herald Sun, 14th in Evans' Ocean Race for 18Valve and Jakob747)
BERNAL GOMEZ Egan Arley 30 30 (9th in San Juan GC)
GUERREIRO Ruben Antonio Almeida 28 16 (top 20 GC in TDU)
DIBBEN Jonathan 28 12 (6th in one of the Majorcan races)

Team scores

Some popular picks there, many of them picked after they had started picking up points (but that is allowed), so a decent start for many teams, and everybody at least off the mark:
1 DJW 485 (Restrepo, Scotson, Storer, Bernal, Guerreiro, Dibben)
2 TheAsian 472 (Restrepo, Scotson, Minali, Bernal, Guerreiro, Dibben)
3 Hakkie2 469 (Restrepo, Scotson, Minali, Bernal, Guerreiro, Dibben)
4 18Valve 466 (Restrepo, Storer, Minali, Hamilton, Bernal)
5 Madrazo 444 (Restrepo, Scotson, Minali, Bernal, Dibben)
6 Murrjt 429
7 Flo 416
8 Blues_in_the_Bottle 409
9 Kazistuta 395
10 Ludwigzgz 354
11 ValvPiti 348
12 Cordi333 345
13 RoteLaterne 344
14 Squire 324
15 Torcio86 293
16 Josedin 285
17 Skidmark 279
18 HugoKoblet 271
19 Kryvo 267
20 Del1962 264
21 GPBlanco 250
22 Jakob747 238
23 LukasCPH 215
24 AmisVelo 214
25 Scrooll07 201
26 Armchair_Cyclist 200
27 Joelsim 198
28 Vladimir 144
29 Leadbelly 127
30 ThePirate81 89
31 Laarsland 85
32 Comodoro 81
33 Togo95 50
33 Trudgin 50
35 Tych23 36
CollectiveWisdom 444

Some of us already have riders who could already usefully replace members of our 2015-17 team, but although the points in the bank may be welcome, do they really have something to offer over the three years of the game? Time will tell.

I hope to keep up with monthly updates, but offers of help, especially during the GT and Classics games, would be welcome.
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07 Mar 2017 22:14

Year 1, Month 2 up to 5th March

The top scoring rider (and the top scoring team, on account of the said rider) are ahead of those in the equivalent games for longer established riders this month. That's what comes of Langkawi having HC status.
GIBBONS Ryan 288 1 (GC win, stage win and 3 podiums in Langkawi for DJW)
BERNAL GOMEZ Egan Arley 116 30 (7th in Langkawi, 5th in Larciano)
CARAPAZ MONTENEGRO Richard Antonio 89 12 (2nd in Lariano)
OWEN Logan 65 1 (stage win & 6th in GC in Volta ao Alentejo for Joelsim)
CINK Ondrej 64 16 (9th in Ruta del Sol, top 20 in Strade Bianche)
DUNBAR Eddie 59 3 (5th in Volta ao Alentejo GC)
O'CONNOR Ben 56 3 (8th in Langkawi for Comodoro, Laarsland and Scrool007)
RESTREPO VALENCIA Jhonatan 53 20 (2nd in Vuelta a Murcia)

2nd win out of 2 for DJW, with no close competition this time
1 DJW 511 (Gibbons, Bernal and Restrepo)
2 Blues_in_the_Bottle 396 (Bernal, Carapaz, Cink and Restrepo)
3 ValvPiti 374 (Bernal, Carapaz, Cink and Restrepo)
4 Cordi333 370 (Bernal, Carapaz, Cink and Restrepo)
5 AmisVelo 366
6 Hakkie2 360
7 Joelsim 354
8 Vladimir 331
9 Squire 309
10 Kazistuta 302
11 Del1962 300
12 Murrjt 299
13 Madrazo 293
14 TheAsian 290
15 Ludwigzgz 288
15 Skidmark 288
17 Comodoro 286
18 Jakob747 285
19 18Valve 278
20 GPBlanco 270
20 ThePirate81 270
22 Laarsland 242
23 LukasCPH 241
24 Torcio86 237
25 HugoKoblet 229
26 Togo95 225
27 Kryvo 224
28 Flo 179
28 Scrooll07 179
30 Armchair_Cyclist 173
31 Tych23 130
32 Josedin 100
33 Trudgin 93
34 RoteLaterne 78
35 Leadbelly 41
CollectiveWisdom 293

It ought to be far too early for positions to mean anything, but that lead already looks like it will take a while to overturn...
1 DJW 996
2 Hakkie2 829
3 Blues_in_the_Bottle 805
4 TheAsian 762
5 18Valve 744
6 Madrazo 737
7 Murrjt 728
8 ValvPiti 722
9 Cordi333 715
10 Kazistuta 697
11 Ludwigzgz 642
12 Squire 633
13 Flo 595
14 AmisVelo 580
15 Skidmark 567
16 Del1962 564
17 Joelsim 552
18 Torcio86 530
19 Jakob747 523
20 GPBlanco 520
21 HugoKoblet 500
22 Kryvo 491
23 Vladimir 475
24 LukasCPH 456
25 RoteLaterne 422
26 Josedin 385
27 Scrooll07 380
28 Armchair_Cyclist 373
29 Comodoro 367
30 ThePirate81 359
31 Laarsland 327
32 Togo95 275
33 Leadbelly 168
34 Tych23 166
35 Trudgin 143
CollectiveWisdom 737
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