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2018-20 Emerging Riders CQ Game

Come in and talk about betting, computer games and cycling simulations, and your office's or online fantasy cycling leagues.

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05 Feb 2018 23:42

Year 1 Month 1 and up to 4th February

The highest January scorers who were picked for our game (some of them were even picked before they scored their points)

NAJAR Gonzalo Joaquin 142pts for GC win and a stage stage in San Juan for Fauniera and Hakkie
GANNA Filippo 91pts from 3rd in GC and other points in San Juan for 23 teams
HAMILTON Chris 69pts for 6th in Aussie Championships, 16th in TDU and some for CERORR 8 teams
DLAMINI Nicholas 55pts, mainly for winning KoM at TDU for AmisVelo, DJW and Trudgin
WARLOP Jordi 39pts 3 teams
MADOUAS Valentin 33 10
BASSO Leonardo 32 4
EG Niklas 28 21

Resulting in these points (no need for separate standings and monthly points at this stage)

1 Fauniera 318 (Mainly from Najar, Ganna and Madouas)
2 Hakkie2 288 (Najar and Ganna)
2 Blues_in_the_Bottle 288 (Ganna, Hamilton, Madouas and Basso)
4 Kryvo 273 (same main scorers as BitB)
5 Scrooll07 247
6 TheAsian 237
7 Skidmark 230
8 AlyKaptan 228
9 Kazistuta 219
10 AmisVelo 218
11 LukasCPH 214
12 JonEzeitza 212
13 DJW 199
14 Joelsim 188
15 Laarsland 181
16 Flo 179
17 Shalgo 172
18 HugoKoblet 166
19 Squire 153
20 Cordi333 149
21 Armchair_Cyclist 148
22 Ludwigzgz 136
23 Vladimir 131
24 Madrazo 116
25 Nathanptz 102
26 NorthAmericanScum 87
27 Josedin 85
28 Trudgin 79
29 RoteLaterne 77
30 Monsieur_Hulot 72
31 Comodoro 62
32 LosBrolin 43
33 Karaev 34
34 Leadbelly 27
CollectiveWisdom 153

At least we are all off the mark (and the spreadsheet works)

There will always be those who we all managed to miss. You might have riders in your team who by the end of three years have still scored less than the likes of:
PHOUNSAVATH DESTRIBOIS Alex Ariya 113 from Tour of Indonesia
HARPER Chris 101 from Aussie nationals and Herald Sun
KIPKEMBOI Salim 101 from Sharjah and Tropicale Amissa Bongo
CHAWCHIANGKUANG Peerapol 100 also Tour of Indonesia

And the spreadsheet is here, and its updates will be here each month though I might not always publish the link.
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Re: 2018-20 Emerging Riders CQ Game

06 Feb 2018 05:20

Thanks for the update! This game is so great to follow over the longer term.

I almost picked Chris Harper. I'd heard good things and then imagined a trajectory from a year of domestic and Asian racing to a PCT team or something the next two years for a comfy gain. At the last minute I decided to go with another Aussie Chris (Hamilton, that is) because he'd had a couple of seasons under his belt and was locked in with a team, so more of a sure bet. Steadiness has served me well in this game, but those are probably the kind of picks I'll need to make to get 1st instead of top 10 - not Harper in specific, but the road less travelled.

Good luck everyone!
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Re: 2018-20 Emerging Riders CQ Game

06 Feb 2018 09:27

Mission accomplished. It's downhill from here.
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