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Jonathan Vaughters guest appearance

Questions and answers with special guests.

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Jonathan Vaughters guest appearance

22 Feb 2012 21:09


Exciting news! This Thursday at 11:30am Colorado time; 6:30pm in the UK, Garmin-Barracuda boss Jonathan Vaughters will appear in the forums for around an hour to answer your questions.

If you've got a question on the state of the sport; breakaway leagues; the UCI; the fight against doping; clean sport or the Tour de France you can post it here. If you want to know about wine and Argyle you can ask that too!

To ensure things move smoothly questions will have to be moderated and please bear in mind that Jonathan is here to answer questions on a variety of topics. He'll do his best to answer as many as he can but please don't be offended if he can't answer every single question.

You can start submitting questions NOW and we'll begin posting a few of them before Jonathan comes online. That way we hope to have a few answers ready and in the pipeline.

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22 Feb 2012 22:22

Jonathan, how can it be accepted by the Pro Cycling Council that the UCI via Global Cycling Promotion is setting up WorldTour races? The UCI exists just to regulate sport, not to take part in the organization business, isn't it? Now we have a conflict of interest against the true organizators, specially when the China races will be key in the team's fight for points in order to secure a WT place.
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22 Feb 2012 22:22

You lost a lot of riders to GreenEdge ahead of this year. Was this something you saw coming early, did you fight to try and keep these riders or did you willingly let them go in order to focus on finding replacements?

Among the riders you lost were two great lead out men in Lancaster and Dean. What will losing them mean to a sprinter like Farrar and what rider do you see taking over the crucial role of being the final lead out in your sprint train?
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The Classics Season

22 Feb 2012 22:29

Since Tyler Farrar is struggling with the sprints early this season, could we see him switched to a classics specialist? Have you considered psychological coaching for what seems to be a string of third or fourth place finishes to start the season?

Any thoughts on the fact that Gilbert will not be doing Paris-Roubaix and Thor will be the sole leader for BMC? Does that prospect frighten you?
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22 Feb 2012 22:36

1) What is your response to the UCI's attempts to globalise by doing things like making the Tour of Beijing Worldtour, are they finally taking a step down the right path or are they going about taking the whole wrong approach?

2) Garmin were considered to be the strongest team going into the classics last year yet underperformed until Johan Vansummeren won in Roubaix. They have got riders like Maaskant, Vanmarke and Farrar who can all do well never mind Haussler and Vansummeren Do you expect more from your classics team this year and who do you think will shine of your rising stars?

3) What is your opinion on the backdated bans which are now becoming commonplace?
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22 Feb 2012 22:36

What's up with the sideburns?
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22 Feb 2012 22:38

Jonathan: what is your position on the fact that National Federations investigate and sanction their own country riders on doping matters? Isn’t that a conflict of interest? Isn’t this one of the reasons why we have so many delays in the sanctioning of the riders, because most of the times we have the WADA/UCI appeals?

What choice would you recommend?

moderators: feel free to adjust the language as english is not my first language. Thanks.
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22 Feb 2012 22:39

How much power (wattage (@threshold?)) and w/kg) did Thomas Dekker push in his best physical tests at Garmin so far?
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22 Feb 2012 22:59

Andrew Talansky seems to have started this season brightly, will we see him at Le Tour?
User avatar will10
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22 Feb 2012 23:07

What are the key elements needed for Pro Cycling to build a large, sustainable fan base in the US? More teams? More events (both participatory and spectator) Better coverage?

Cervelo's "Beyond the Peloton" documentaries were ground breaking and well received by fans. Did you think they added sufficient additional exposure to be a good investment?

If you were in charge of the globalization of the sport where would you push to add new races?

Do you have any good groupie/Podium girl stories?
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22 Feb 2012 23:33

What do you expect of Dan Martin this season? Do you think he can get control of his allergies and be a contender for the Ardennes?
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22 Feb 2012 23:56

Who do you see as the biggest talent in cycling, the biggest underachiever and who is the next tour-top-10-out-of-nowhere on your team :p?
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23 Feb 2012 01:00

As head of AIGCP, are you concerned about the possibility that the UCI will strip SaxoBank of World Tour status, thus making the current roster over the limit for a ProConti team, and requiring innocent riders to be released from their contracts for (1) something beyond their control, and (2) something that happened on a different team (Astana 2010) anyway.
Beech Mtn
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23 Feb 2012 02:21

Damn I was hoping he would be on Dancing with the Stars
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23 Feb 2012 02:42

Mr. Vaughters,
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Aigcp q

23 Feb 2012 11:56

There was talk of bringing in an outsider to run the AIGCP - is the search still ongoing or has it been abandoned?
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23 Feb 2012 15:11

In light of the recent cases of Contador and Ullrich which took forever to conclude. What steps should be taken to streamline anti-doping procedures so that it doesnt look like a bad joke done on a whimsy?

Who in your view should be responsible, UCI, WADA, AFLD or some other organsisation and what should be the situation in regards to appeals of bans? Should riders be suspended during appeals or allowed to ride like Contador, especially when they are proven guilty to start with.

How on earth did all the ProTour teams miss Jonathon Tiernan-Locke? Garmin were at the Tour of Britain so no excuses for not seeing him. He already has as many wins as the entire Garmin team!!

Whom of the boys in Girona has got the hots for Emilia Fahlin?
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To Ingsgrave

23 Feb 2012 16:45

Ingsgrave, We did lose a lot of riders to green edge, but I did not fight for them, as you said. I focused on new recruits, as I figured Australians would like to be part of a new "national" team. Julian was looking for a change, and we needed to refresh the position anyhow. Brett never participated in any lead outs in 2011, as he did not have the form to race many of the top events, so I can't really say if he would have been good or not.

If you look at the 6th stage of Oman, I think you'll see that our "new" lead out is considerably better than in the past. Tyler did not have the legs to take full advantage of it yet, but he'll get there.

If you look, historically, to the riders that have left this team vs the ones we've recruited in the last 4 yrs, we've made large net gains in performance each and every year. Go take a look at who we lost in 2008, 2009, 2010 and see what they did the year after they left.

Emotionally its hard for fans to see guys leave, and I think they feel that their favorite guy was absolutely key to the team. It's human nature to look at the "stars" of each season. But it's my job to try and see a bit beyond what guys have done, and predict what they will do and what they can do.
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23 Feb 2012 16:55

This is from JV (sorry it came via email)


I agree with you entirely, that a governing body should not be also attempting to run profitable businesses in the sport it's supposed to be regulating. Imagine if the SEC bought Goldman Sachs....How would that work? I imagine the regulations would be considerably different and the risk of "favors" and malfeasance would be very high. we need to avoid conflicts of interest in cycling, not bring more upon ourselves.

Sadly, the teams and athletes are not united enough to prevent such things from happening, and since cycling has such a along history of conflicts of interest just being accepted and/or ignored, it seems this one will be forced upon us.

regards to the CCP, it is a non-functional board, as there has yet to be one actual vote by its members in the 3 yrs Ive been going. These items don't get voted on, they get presented to us by the UCI and everyone seems to just accept it... I'm usually the only one who speaks up. I need to start calling for votes on each and every item.
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23 Feb 2012 16:56


If you watch 2010, the last time Tyler did Qatar/Oman, it was a very similar story, lots of 3rds and 4ths. Or even going back to Tour of California in 2008, where he was 3rd in the prologue, but nowhere in the sprints. Tyler has never been one to be overly fit in february, as he spends much of his time cross country skiing in the winter. he develops a robust fitness for the classics, but isn't that speedy. Its a typical pattern for him, so I'm not too worried.

But, does he win on instinct? No. When Tyler wins, it's because he is blatantly the strongest. That's why it's crucial to have a very fast lead out train around him, as he doesnt do the duck and weave as well as Cav. He's just a very strong rider that likes to sprint, as opposed to just being a sprinter.

For me, Cancellara is the major threat in Roubaix. If BMC plays the card pulling for one leader, then it plays very well to Cancellara, as he doesn't have to rely on his own team, which isn't as strong for Roubaix. His team couldn't hold the race together in 2011, and he had to do a lot of work early on his own, which is why we won. But if BMC holds it together for him, he'll be lethal on the last 3 sectors of pave, where teamwork is out the window, and legs are what counts.
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