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DI2 battery light tells lies...

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DI2 battery light tells lies...

05 Jul 2016 10:25

Is it just me?

My battery charge indicator light on the DI2 junction box seems a bit optimistic. It shows full green for way less than a full or 75% charge, I'm sure. I've just charged it and I'm going to log all miles done on it now to know for sure.

Anybody else get the same impression?
User avatar kwikki
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05 Jul 2016 11:56

I think "full" is anything above 50%.
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User avatar King Boonen
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05 Jul 2016 12:15

Actually you are correct. I've just checked and it is:

100% remaining: Illuminates green (for 2 seconds)
50% remaining: Flashes green (5 times)
25% remaining: Illuminates red (for 2 seconds)
0% remaining: Flashes red (5 times)

(Still not sure I believe the light)
User avatar kwikki
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Joined: 03 Apr 2016 15:47

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