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Time pedal repair

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Time pedal repair

03 Oct 2016 00:29

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get Time pedals repaired?

I have a pair of Time RXS carbon pedals that have seen very little use. In spite of this, the bearings in one of them seized. I sent it to the distributor and paid for its repair. When I got it back the pedal felt a little loose, but I figured it was an authorized repair so it must be correct. However, within one hundred kilometers of riding the pedal seized again. I sent the pedal back, they changed the bearings again, and again within one hundred kilometers the pedal seized.

I tried to send it back, but they refused to repair it again. I have sent emails to Time USA and Time France which have been met with silence.

This weekend I took the pedal apart myself and found two problems. First, a groove had been worn into the shaft that rides on the inner bearing and after some experimentation figured out that the outer bearing was positioned incorrectly. I filed out the groove and replaced the bearing and it is much better but not perfect.

Is it possible to get a new shaft?

Any suggestions?
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19 Nov 2018 04:25

Time durability issues are legend. Getting spare spindles for French pedals that have been out of production for a few years would be even harder than getting factory service.

I loved the ergonomics of my RXS pedals, but after the second failureI gave up. I kinda miss them.
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