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Wiggins Discussion thread.

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11 Sep 2016 22:06

MmeDesgrange wrote:I have no problem with Wiggins investing in a women's team - the more high profile names that attach themselves to the sport, the better.

The more pertinent question for me is, am I comfortable with someone with Wiggins' views being in the sport? Is the trade off worth it.

Pragmatically - yes. His involvement, if it happens, should have a positive impact on the sport. All the better if he is the magnet for sponsors and investment but stays behind the scenes. I suspect his commitment to the women's sport is akin to Cookson's - it's a nice piece of PR fluff that makes him look good but doesn't actually have to be actioned. Somewhat like the charity/not actually a charity.

Thanks in large part to Mr. Cookson, there is a very real chance
a women's madison could be on the program at the Tokyo Oly's.

We had a women's madison at the recent UCI World Junior Track
Championships and the event is set to make it's debut at the
UCI World Cup in Glasgow this November.

Perhaps Sir Brad, with his knowledge of madison racing, will be
the coach and mentor of the very first Olympic Champions in
the women's madison. :)

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Re: Wiggins Discussion thread.

28 Apr 2017 18:13

Happy birthday Sir Brad! Hope you're having a lovely day.
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