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Which one is the best race: Tirreno-Adriatico or Paris Nice?

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Which one is the best race?

Total votes : 188

05 Mar 2012 20:54

Tirreno, because the PN sucked in the last year and will suck this year.
Why is TGBM not an option?
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User avatar Red Rick
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05 Mar 2012 21:38

airstream wrote:no, but i have a slight indulgence to dauphine. or rather, i dont like them very much.

Suprised you dont like ATOC a bit.
After this year I doubt you will like the dauphine much any more.;)
User avatar Froome19
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05 Mar 2012 21:41

Dazed and Confused wrote:After stage 2 of P-N, I think the Frogs will hold the upper hand this year.

Upper hand against the.....:(
User avatar ferryman
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05 Mar 2012 21:43

The impressive lineup in P-N compared to previous years should add up.

I normally fancy T-A course more though.
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05 Mar 2012 22:16

I have found that it varies from year to year, as Libertine was saying. On the balance of all time history, if I had to choose one it'd be Paris-Nice. If you're talking about, say, the last 2 years or last year, I'd say T-A. If you're taking about this year's parcours, I like both to a certain degree but I think I like P-N better.
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05 Mar 2012 22:20

Well, I may be wrong, but Italian tv appears to be showing Paris-Nice live, with Tirreno-Adriatico used to fill in around the edges and 2 hours recorded for the late, late slot.

Over the past decade or so, P-N has usually been the better race, but as Kwibus says: it depends upon the course and how the race pans out.

Red Rick wrote:Tirreno, because the PN sucked in the last year and will suck this year.

Form an opinion form one edition?
P-N certainly didn't suck today.
Pretty impressive for a flat stage.
Mellow Velo
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05 Mar 2012 22:41

P-N, but I have a bit of veneration for Cote d'Azur and have ridden some French amateur races in the area so I might be biased.
With the return of the Col d'Eze TT and the whole concept of 'race towards the sun' P-N still is THE Spring stage race for me.

On a side note, as others have pointed out; Italian racing is severely handicapped by the lack of broadcasting to the international audience.
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05 Mar 2012 23:05

I like both races, they are both 'big races' in context of the season, riders peak for said races. Probably my favorite stage races outside of the GTs.

TA has had some better parcours the past couple years tho, but PN is generally a good race.
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User avatar Timmy-loves-Rabo
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05 Mar 2012 23:37

On paper, TA for the last two years.

That being said, PA this year could shape into a dogfight. I don't think Leipheimer is confident (and shouldn't be) enough to wait for the TT. Pisti is always a firecracker in the last few k's of a hill finish, and the huge gaps to strong men could provide some big names in breakaways. Who knows.

However, I realize that counting on LL and Wiggans to spice up a race may not be the best way to go...
More Strides than Rides
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06 Mar 2012 01:42

Historically Paris-Nice has been the better race, but last year and especially this year the list of riders in Tirreno is impressive with many teams bringing their top riders. The route has got something for everyone, from sprinters to attackers, climbers and all rounders/GC men.
Obviously being an italian race all the italian teams are bringing their big guns, but also foreign teams like BMC , Astana, Katusha are all bringing pretty much their A-team and Sky, Garmin, Lotto and Greenedge are all bringing their top sprinter.
Check out the full list of riders for Tirreno (http://www.gazzetta.it/Speciali/TirrenoAdriatico/2011/it/download/TA-Iscritti2012.pdf) and you'll see what I'm talking about.
Basically all I'm saying is that there are all the conditions for an epic week of racing.
Maybe because I don't really like the guys in contention for this year P-N (Wiggo, Leipheimer, Valv-piti), I'm a bit bias, but I think I'll be following more Tirreno this week.
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06 Mar 2012 01:48

Red Rick wrote:Why is TGBM not an option?

Because it's now all about JTL

Haussler said Paris-Nice is easy.
User avatar Eric8-A
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06 Mar 2012 01:51

They are both pretty good races usually. and yeah it really depends on the route. The past couple of years tirreno has been better, but maybe this year paris-nice will be better (it has certainly started well).
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06 Mar 2012 07:58

I think T-A has been better in recent years-espescailly the routes. However i think P-N has more prestige and i loved stage 2.

I think this years route of P-N is not great but the route is not that bad and it is setting up to be really exciting ( with the stages on offer )
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06 Mar 2012 13:07

I forgot, T-A has a way more boss trophy

More Strides than Rides
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06 Mar 2012 13:17

Eshnar wrote:Passo Lanciano is no joke actually. Saying that TA has only Montelupone is a bit of disrespect. The focus on short and steep climb of TA is a recent thing anyway, and it's not by any means a rule; for istance it included Monte Bondone once (many years ago)

ah, really? normal Passo Lanciano or joke version of 2009? :)

Froome19 wrote:Suprised you dont like ATOC a bit.
After this year I doubt you will like the dauphine much any more.

Why? Dauphine is more interesting because, unlike other 1 week races, almost everyone wants to check himself and opponents at about 90% of current form. In PN and Tirreno they are all in too different condions and have totally different goals. Some just use it not to forget subtle sense of riding in the pack.
User avatar airstream
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06 Mar 2012 13:26

More Strides than Rides wrote:I forgot, T-A has a way more boss trophy


I was going to say Tirreno Adriatico anyway, but that trophy clinches it.
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06 Mar 2012 13:30

airstream wrote:ah, really? normal Passo Lanciano or joke version of 2009? :)

Normal Passo Lanciano. Giro 2006 side.
And the MTF too is quite good.
User avatar Eshnar
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06 Mar 2012 17:37

Paris-Nice easily.

At least ASO finally realized that in order to be a good prep for Milan-Sanremo, Paris-Nice should not be a little Bore de France but a hilly race with long stages rather than small mountainous stages.

Paris-Nice has the better history, no doubt. The most prestigious race after the Classics, GT and Worlds.

What's more Paris-Nice does not have a TTT, this year and never had some crap hills like Montelupone, which do not belong to cycle racing.

And by 2003/4, all Tirreno stages finished with a bunch sprint, uphill or flat whatever.
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06 Mar 2012 18:17

How is Montelupone that different from Montée Laurent Jalabert? Sure, the latter is a bit longer, but how is Montelupone a BAD hill?
User avatar Libertine Seguros
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06 Mar 2012 18:24

on3m@n@rmy wrote:I was going to say Tirreno Adriatico anyway, but that trophy clinches it.

Cadel thinks so too :D

User avatar cineteq
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