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Pierre Rolland discussion

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Pierre Rolland discussion

12 Jul 2012 16:44

the reason I started this thread is because I'm impressed with his riding style, panache & nonetheless, his promising future. It's time the world pays attention to this young man & what he represents for France as the "real hope" to conquer once again their own race title.
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User avatar hfer07
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12 Jul 2012 16:51

rolland is awesome, has panache and is aggressive!!!
User avatar Parrulo
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12 Jul 2012 16:54

What a rider!!!! Perhaps a future Giro winner? :)
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User avatar cineteq
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12 Jul 2012 16:56

I like him, but he doesn't impress me like he did last year. Also, his ITT?
User avatar Logic-is-your-friend
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12 Jul 2012 17:01

i wait for rolland in the third week because he is supposed to have a great recover.
last year in the tour he was very strong on the third week.
i like him very much. when he turned pro he run a very interesting liege so in france there were many expectations on him... too much pressure , he almost lost his way and he had a couple of so and so years.
then, in 2011 tour he finally showed his class and this years again he is proving that in a tour with less itt and more mtf he can compete for the win

though, imho, i think that thibaul pinot is the best french hope for the tour.
in his first tour he is improving every day, showing courage, panache and great recover, at 22.
i was thinking he was too early for him to be in the tour this year , since he has never ridden a GT before. i was considering the vuelta as a good start for him, especially because he is not very good positioning himself in the peloton and it looks he does not like the bagarre on the flats, always beig in the last part of the peloton.
he proved that i was very wrong.
he is performing very well in his first tour.
differently from what happened a t the beginning to rolland, it looks like he is not suffering the pressure from french media and pubblic: they are waiting somebody able to win the tour since so many years...
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12 Jul 2012 17:02

one of the most awesome styles on a bike plus panache....a true champion

thibault also left me speechless this tour,incredible...what a rennaissance!
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User avatar jens_attacks
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12 Jul 2012 18:36

Both him and Pinot have amazing style.
I hope they choose to ride the Giro next year instead of going for a top5 placement in the Tour. They can win it.
User avatar SafeBet
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12 Jul 2012 18:44

I'm just glad he finally did something since he's on my increasingly poor velogames fantasy tour team. :) Gotta give him credit... he was great today.

I have Gesink on my team too... :(
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12 Jul 2012 18:45

he reminds me of the good old andy schlock.. that one that would ride his guts out in a flat olympic race, the one that won LBL with a great attack..

the one that hasn't won a single stage race.
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User avatar c&cfan
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12 Jul 2012 18:49

Agreed, his ability to push some huge gears on the climbs is pretty unique and amazing to look at, Luc Leblanc could do that too.
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12 Jul 2012 19:56

If he focuses on the Giro he has a good chance of winning it. He will also have a reasonable chance of winning the tour in the future on a course with less TT Km, such as last years' edition.
Has he done a reasonably good ITT when he really needed? He'll have to have a better TT than A Schleck anyway, to be a future Tour winner.
User avatar the asian
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12 Jul 2012 20:53

The colnago family likes him and so i should like him as well. :D :p
User avatar Zam_Olyas
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12 Jul 2012 20:57

Hehe...can't remember seeing a stage winner hoisting his bike like that...except when they hang it up for good in the retirement ceremony ;-)

Was he maybe thanking the bike for surviving his crash in the descent undamaged?
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12 Jul 2012 21:11

I honestly didnt think that he would confirm his last year's performance but on the other hand Im glad he did. :)
User avatar Michele
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12 Jul 2012 21:11

How can you seriously not like or admire him?
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13 Jul 2012 00:21

i admit i hated him after the alpe stage, but after seeing him in LBL and romandie he became one of my fav riders.

i think he can win a GT without many tt k's, mostly the giro with it's epic mountain stages where rolland seems to excel
User avatar Parrulo
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13 Jul 2012 00:35

Would now like to see what he can do when staying with the favorites in the last climb, Pinot really did well in that setup today. Maybe next week...
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13 Jul 2012 01:56

Can anyone update us on what he has done since last year's Alpe d'Huez stage in the Tour, i.e., race results since then. Thanks.
User avatar Parrot23
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13 Jul 2012 02:31

He is a very good climber but I am not sure if he is a potential Tour winner. I think he could win the Giro.
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User avatar auscyclefan94
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13 Jul 2012 02:33

Thanks for that.

Does it mean that since then, and before the current Tour, he has won one stage in one race?

(That said, 12th in Liege-Bastogne-Liege looks good.)
User avatar Parrot23
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