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RIP Victor Cabedo

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19 Sep 2012 20:48

Awful news :(
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19 Sep 2012 21:04

R.I.P Victor.
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19 Sep 2012 22:16

RIP Mi Amigo.
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13 Oct 2012 05:00

The story on the front page about Euskaltel lists Cabedo as one of their released riders. Cold.
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13 Oct 2012 06:24

luckyboy wrote:The story on the front page about Euskaltel lists Cabedo as one of their released riders. Cold.

Just thought the same thing. Sloppy reporting at best.
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13 Oct 2012 06:49

mariposa wrote:Just thought the same thing. Sloppy reporting at best.

Welcome to the world of Cyclingnews dot com
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13 Oct 2012 06:56

Seems to be the way things are done 'round here. When it comes to teams there are two main categories Still with team and Leaving team, sometimes with the third New arrival categori thrown into the mix.

If you look at the Movistar team profile under Riders leaving after 2011 both Tondo and Soler are listed...

Of course I really don't hope we'll end up in a situation where we have a special category for people who've passed away!:(
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12 Jan 2018 02:25

This 2018 will debut in the pro peloton the younger brother of Victor: Óscar, who signed with Burgos BH. He's a light climber.
Óscar started to compete at the age of 18, just aftes his brother death. He worked hard to honour his memory.

And in the car, as a director, will be the older brother of Victor: José, who has experience directing amateur teams and will debut as a pro-team director as well.

The Cabedo family has been very close to cycling world all this years after Victor decease, even organising one of the best junior races in Spain, the "Memorial Víctor Cabedo". The two first editions winners - Enric Mas and Fernando Barceló - are already proffesional riders.
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