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RIP Victor Cabedo

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19 Sep 2012 15:32

Is it me or do these things happen more often then normal lately? Not that is should happen at all btw
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User avatar Red Rick
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19 Sep 2012 15:52

This is awful :mad: :(
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User avatar gustienordic
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19 Sep 2012 15:57

Red Rick wrote:Is it me or do these things happen more often then normal lately? Not that is should happen at all btw

I don't think so. Such terrible just news travel faster and wider through the internet.
Always painful to see someone being robbed of his life in such a way.
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19 Sep 2012 16:11

Awful news :(
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User avatar Eshnar
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19 Sep 2012 16:21

Horrible news :(
My condolences to his friends and family.
User avatar Afrank
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19 Sep 2012 16:21

Just Terrible.

So sad :(
User avatar Miburo
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19 Sep 2012 16:22


Rest In Peace
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19 Sep 2012 16:49

Terrible news :(

User avatar Ruudz0r
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19 Sep 2012 16:57

cineteq wrote:Sad news

Please, don't put pictures like this here before we know what happebed. Don't make this political.
User avatar Arnout
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19 Sep 2012 17:04

Arnout wrote:Please, don't put pictures like this here before we know what happebed. Don't make this political.

Sorry, even if it wasn't the case, the picture is valid for all riders, any rider on the roads.
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User avatar cineteq
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19 Sep 2012 17:53

DEP Victor. May we forever remember happier times, and all thoughts be with his family, with his friends and with those that knew him.

I do perceive cases such as this as happening more often at the moment. Or rather, the outcomes are being worse. We had a few high profile escapes from some horrific crashes, such as Jonny Bellis and Pedro Horrillo, and some whose lives will never be the same but at least survived, such as Marina Romoli. However, since Carla Swart's death in January last year, it feels like we've had several deaths, and any is too many.

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User avatar Libertine Seguros
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19 Sep 2012 18:02

This is the kind of news no one wants to hear - it's too much to handle especially because he was so young and had a bright future ahead of him :(

RIP Victor Cabedo
User avatar sacrifice&hardwork
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19 Sep 2012 18:13

Horrible :(

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19 Sep 2012 18:43

A shame. He was a promising rider going through a bad year, and suddenly that doesn't matter at all.

User avatar hrotha
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19 Sep 2012 19:04

Very sad to hear this news. Always hard to see people go way too early, my condolences to his friends and family :(
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19 Sep 2012 19:40

Horrible, horrible news.

Mis condolencias.
User avatar Sylvester
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19 Sep 2012 19:53

Awful news. RIP Victor Cabedo.
User avatar Duartista
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19 Sep 2012 20:03

Tragic. :(
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User avatar goggalor
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19 Sep 2012 20:35

Extremely sad and tragic news . My thoughts are with his family and friends.
User avatar mariposa
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19 Sep 2012 20:35

i saw this earlier and thought oh no, not again :(

condolences to his family, friends, girlfriend, and team.

rest in peace, Victor, rest in peace.
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