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Team Time Trials

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31 Oct 2012 00:40

Pro TTT, but I like them to be short, because I do consider them to mostly be a spectacle.

Huh, looking at the 2003 TDF results it says there was no winner. So I'm confused as to what effect the TTT had that year, if any. ;)
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31 Oct 2012 02:02

On with a pure climb followed by a pure descent would be watchable and stir the pot. start at pure incline. end at pure decline fifth wheel gets the time.
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01 Nov 2012 11:06

abbaskip wrote:Castroviejo, Cobo, Valverde, Intxausti, Lastras aren't great ITTers, but they're quite strong, and fast enough that for shorter turns they'd be a really strong team. You don't want an ITTer to sit on the front at 50km/h for fifteen minutes, you want guys like those above to sit on the front for 2-3minutes at 55km/h.

Erviti has quite a TTT pedigree too.

Actually, Castroviejo, Intxausti and Valverde are great ITT'ers with top 10s in big ITTs. Valverde is not very consistent, but before his ban he had some good results. The others aren't that bad eather, but remember that Erviti and Lastras probably are not riding for the best in most ITT since they have to work for their captain the day before/after. Cobo is off course very non-consistent, but in his top10 GC Vuelta (09?) he was good in the ITT and of course when he won too.
Actually I was surprised at the TTT that start the Vuelta even the belgium sporza commentators did not realise Movistar in their one GT would be a serious candidate.

Is it also possible Italian and Spanish teams have more riders living in the same country, so they have better opportunities to train together. Off course other teams can arrange that too, but it's easier if it's a one hour flight then a 3 our. And if your an Italian team your going to check the TTT with all of the team members and not just with the GC guys and who-ever seem to have some time like most PT-teams?
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