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Julian Arredondo discussion thread

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19 Nov 2017 15:22

slosada wrote:http://m.elcolombiano.com/deportes/ciclismo/arredondo-paso-lo-peor-EX7707798
Julián had a surgery last Tuesday and he's expected to rest for 20 weeks, most of it on bed.
The article says that he tried healthcare professionals in USA, Italy and Spain but nobody gave a diagnosis, until he met a Dr in Colombia. They took some time a finally found that his pyramidal muscle was overdeveloped, causing a pressure on the sciatic nerve when contracted.
He's in good spirits. And it's also mentioned that his contract with Nippo is over.
First question I have is why it was rather sudden what looks to be a birth condition or at least gradual.

Second is more looking to a time plan, he would resume biking in April, so next season is gone, then he would need to prove he's back in 2019, before getting a pro contract by 2020, at the age of 32

Well, good luck to him. Hope that they solve the problem.
And you are right, it could be a bit late for him.
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