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The Amazing Race to Most Top10 Without a Win - 2017 Edition

A place to discuss all things related to current professional road races. Here, you can also touch on the latest news relating to professional road racing. A doping discussion free forum.

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09 Sep 2017 17:34

Told ya! So happy he's not winning it!
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Re: The Amazing Race to Most Top10 Without a Win - 2017 Edit

12 Sep 2017 12:14

Romain Hardy is also out after winning the Tour du Doobs.

current standings
20 - I. Izagirre
19 - T. Benoot
17 - W. Kelderman, S. Kruijswijk
16 - D. Caruso, C. Vermeltfoort, A. Pasqualon, B. Van Lerberghe
15 - N. Haas, M. Woods
14 - S. Vanmarcke, R. Barbier, F. Gavazzi, E. Buchmann, E. Lietaer
13 - N. Bonifazio, J. Benta, R. Jans
12 - M. Kudus, R. Ferrari, K. Sbaragli, M. Soler, D. Touze, B. Planckaert
11 - A. Blythe, R. Selig, M. Belletti, R. Minali, E. Prades, R. Korosec, A. Marque, L.L. Sánchez, M. Kreder, C. Laporte, B. Giraud, R. Kreder
10 - A. Giacoppo, G. Visconti, A. Kirsch, R. Carapaz, T. Van der Sande, R. Torres, J.J. Rojas, H. Hofstetter, D. Mucelli, A. Vendrame, B. Swift, I. García Cortina, T. Van Asbroeck, M. Vantomme, L. Meintjes, J. Bol, F. Senechal
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12 Sep 2017 12:55

In addition to the others I wrote about, Benoot could definitely still get some top 10s in Belgian 1.1s and Woods could also get some in the Italian semi-classics.
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12 Sep 2017 13:46

Kelderman with the worlds itt and possible italian spring could come really close as well
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12 Sep 2017 16:53

Meintjes at the back of the group as usual
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13 Sep 2017 20:17

Benoot just leveled with Izagirre, hes gonna boss this.
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13 Sep 2017 20:40

ice&fire wrote:Meintjes at the back of the group as usual

:lol: :lol:
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