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Manzana Postobon discussion thread

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19 Mar 2017 00:47

Manzana Postobon can beef up their roster for next year if they get Betancur.
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19 Mar 2017 00:50

Escarabajo wrote:Manzana Postobon can beef up their roster for next year if they get Betancur.

There really should be a drumroll sound effect on forums
Zinoviev Letter
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19 Mar 2017 08:06

Which bikes are they riding?
"Fred bud, he drives five kilometres too fast for us" - Frans Verbeeck talking about Eddy Merckx in an interview with Fred De Bruyne after finishing second in the Tour of Flandres in 1974.
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19 Mar 2017 11:21

GenericBoonenFan wrote:Which bikes are they riding?

They used to ride on Scott, but these days they use Gios.
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