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2020 World Championship struggling to get state support

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14 Nov 2017 20:20

DFA123 wrote:
Breh wrote:It didn't cost Bergen that much. The Norwegian cycling federation has to come up with the money. Bergen, the Norwegian state and sponsors obviously chipped in but they are not the ones organizing.

Norway is an expensive country. Crowds were pretty big throughout the week if I recall correctly.
Closing roads in the 2nd largest city of your country is obviously quite expensive. Police is not that cheap, especially not in Norway.

Theres not only these costs you seem to underestimate, there's also the cost of keeping an airplane in the air during your broadcasts, accomodating the riders, staff and press, constructing the temporary infrastructure, publicity,...

Oh yeah, they had to pay the UCI 7million euros for organizing. That probably didn't help either.

I still don't see it costing anywhere near that much if its done efficiently. I imagine a lot of people ended up getting paid who didn't really need getting paid for the event to happen - just like with most of these things.

Which is probably why no-one has much interest in hosting it anymore. Its just terrible value for money.

I really think you underestimate the costs of improving road infrastructure(such as removing speedbumps, improving sidewalks, resurfacing parts of the road,...) and the massively increased costs of safety after the terrorist incidents across Europe. The weaker Krone cost them some money, the oil and gas prices took a tumble aswell which resulted in less sponsorship from that industry.

2014 Ponferadda cost over 11million Euros. In a country that is way cheaper, without the NOK fluctuation, before the increased costs regarding safety and before Qatar 2016 decided to artificially raise the bar regarding the UCI fee. Did the NCF spend too much money? It's likely, but not by too much considering their situation.

I'm not convinced the ROI is that bad. Both Richmond and Bergen seem to be happy with it.

Hosting events like a WC football or the Olympics is a whole different thing though. It's very hard to see why cities/countries would like to organise these monster events.
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14 Nov 2017 20:31

It also represents a massive financial risk to the UCI, since the road world champs is by far their single largest source of income.
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Re: Re:

15 Nov 2017 12:03

jsem94 wrote:
Dekker_Tifosi wrote:why not put Roubaix or some village around Arenberg forest up for organizing. Imagine that, a Worlds lap with 10 times the Arenberg forest sector

If you go check the Race Design Thread I think I've partly fulfilled that fantasy now. Will never ever happen, but we can dream.

I guess if Tournai (Belgium) wouldn't be ready, then there's always Lille, which is an actual aglomeration.

I'm an easy guy, so if there are problems with costs, then i would more seriously check out any (if only there are such) bids from cheaper countries or just from smaller places, which are worth visiting. But the main problem then would be accommodation. Wonder, if major winter resorts are interested in WC as i guess the costs outside the winter season should be smaller. Imagine Morzine with Joux-Plagne, l'Alpe with Sarenne or Davos with Albula and Flüela :D . There's normally less speed bumps and road islands in the mountains, so they shouldn't be a big problem. Also, i guess the UCI HQ with Col de Croix could be possible. If it's about a flat WC course, then throw in a year with Sarzeau, Pau (connections with UCI and/or long history with cycling) or some racing circut. It would leave a not so great taste, but the logistics should be more bearable. I guess the cost of closing the road is dependant on its importance?

Wonder, if you can put miscrewtransactions and loot box casinos into cycling.
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