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Predict the Giro-Tour-Vuelta wildcards! (2nd edition)

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01 Dec 2017 10:09

- Androni as cup winners
- Israel Cycling Academy due to start location
- Wilier because they have a "project" (and Mareczko would've won 2 stages this year if it weren't for Gaviria)
- Gazprom for the money (Bardiani to be punished)

- Cofidis
- Direct Energie
- Fortuneo
- Wanty

Reasons to pick Wanty over Vital Concept:
1) Martin is a valid candidate for the white jersey, whereas Coquard is not the main French green jersey candidate anymore after Demare's performance this year.
2) Most Vital Concept riders will struggle to make the time cut in the mountains. Finishing in Paris with only 3 or 4 riders is not good for ASO either.
3) This year, Wanty was at occasions the only team to send riders up the road on flat stages. Who will go in the breakaway if Wanty isn't there? Not Vital Concept as they are a sprinting squad. If there is no breakaway, average speed will drop and some stages may finish (too) late. Not good for several reasons.

1) Cofidis
2) Caja Rural
3) Euskadi
4) Burgos
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Re: Re:

01 Dec 2017 19:30

Zinoviev Letter wrote:
Orodreth wrote:Euskadi-Murias will be in La Vuelta and that was confirmed for several months.


Ya tenemos la confirmación de Javier Guillén, responsable de la Vuelta, de que estaremos en su prueba la próxima temporada. Y también estaremos en la Vuelta al País Vasco y en la Clásica de San Sebastián», ha confirmado Odriozola"

That confirms that the team manager claims that the Vuelta organisers confirmed to them that they will get a wildcard. Teams have not however always been reliable in such claims. Or am I getting it garbled by Google Translate?

Still though, it certainly makes it look more likely that they will get an invite. Which would presumably mean that Burgos - as a stronger looking team - will get one too.

Yes, that's right.
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08 Jan 2018 17:07

Tour: cofidis-Fortuneo (CC Barguil)-Direct Energie and Wanty-Groupe-Gobert
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08 Jan 2018 23:09

Its almost a case of Guillaume Martin > Bryan Coquard. I like the selections, wouldn't have done anything different. Well, I would have invited Euskadi Murias and Manzana Postobon, but we all know that isn't particularly realistic.
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