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Will the Tour of Switzerland ever be ?

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25 Feb 2018 00:00

yaco wrote:
gregrowlerson wrote:
Tonton wrote:
Gigs_98 wrote:
WheelofGear wrote:The racing there is better than the most one-week races.

Maybe it has something to do with the big guys skipping the race. No dominant rider.

I actually think the racing at the dauphine has often been better than in the tds. Remember the last stages of the 2014 and 2017 dauphine? Or the col de la madeleine state in 2016 (where the best part of the stage was unfortunately not broadcasted) I don't remember stages that good in recent tour de suisse editions.

...the Solden stage is always nice, particularly in '15 ;) .

I would love a two-week TofS, reshuffle the calendar to keep that extra week like in '18 between Giro and Tour, push back La Vuelta (how far/much) and squeeze Switzerland between Tour and Vuelta, with at least two weeks (I would say 3) between Switzerland and Vuelta. That wuld make combinations interesting:

Giro-Vuelta or Giro-TofS or Giro-TofS-Vuelta :eek:
Tour-Vuelta or Tour-TofS. The Tour-TofS-Vuelta looks like too much :o .

Maybe like this: May week 1-2-3 Giro, July week 2-3-4 Tour, last week of August and first week of September TofS, October week 1-2-3 or 2-3-4 Vuelta.

I think that you keep it at 9 days, but race it in mid to late May. This will mean that the race will be at the same time as the Giro, but not many riders race Swiss after the Giro currently, and if they are then they probably shouldn't. Bringing the race forward some two or three weeks will mean that TDF riders can use it as preparation, and as a proper second race to target on their schedule. It would be far enough before the TDF for riders to be able to hit a mini peak there and the standard of the TDS will rise substantially, to the level that it should be at.

The negatives to such a proposal are that the race would encounter the same weather issues as the Giro, and can TV networks broadcast two major cycling stage races at the same time (well Paris-Nice and T-A crossover so I don't see why not)?

Clashes with TOC - Teams are unable to field teams for three multi-stage races that cross across each other.

Good point. Maybe teams shouldn't have to send a team to every race though? If you had representation from at least a third of the world tour teams in each stage race then the standard would still be quite high.

Of course if you freed up the rules in such a way, then teams may only send riders in such a scenario to the Giro and TDS. You would have to ensure that some teams still went to the TOC.

In regards to the TDS again, I've always felt that some/more riders could use the event as a main target in their season, and combine it with the Vuelta. If you're a guy who is maybe about the 11-20th best stage racer in the world, then you could win TDS and possibly podium the Vuelta. In between times you could be sent to the TDF, but not go all out, just ride as a super domestique in selected stages. Seems like the perfect schedule for guys like Thomas (if Froome is not banned), TJVG, Fulgsang, either of the OGE brothers, etc.
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