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R.I.P Paul Sherwen

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R.I.P Paul Sherwen

02 Dec 2018 21:23

R.I.P Paul Sherwen

Cycling broadcaster and former professional rider Paul Sherwen has passed away at 62-years-old. The Lancashire, England native was the voice of the Tour de France for many viewers commentating alongside Phil Ligget for decades most recently on NBC Sports. Sherwen lived in Kampala, Uganda.
User avatar Jancouver
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02 Dec 2018 22:13

RIP: Paul

Did not expect to hear this.
User avatar Koronin
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02 Dec 2018 22:18

Rip Paul. Watched a good amount of old footage (also live) and I have liked his commentary. Very relaxing, I always get nostalgic when I hear his voice. Damn, gotta enjoy life man.
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02 Dec 2018 22:20

This was a total shock! R.I.P. Paul. What a Shame :(
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02 Dec 2018 22:28

that is sad news.. watched for decades since transmissions to s. america were done with stupid local narrators but SAP was available..
his detail descriptions of the region, castles and so on always amazes me. And during the 90s explained to me a lot of tactics and about cyclists..
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Re: R.I.P Paul Sherwen

02 Dec 2018 22:49

User avatar perico
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02 Dec 2018 23:19

His (and Phil's) voice was the sound of cycling in the early 90s when I started watching. Utterly shocked and gutted to read this. RIP.
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03 Dec 2018 00:10

Didn't see this coming, it's quite a shock, RIP Paul and condolences to the family.
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03 Dec 2018 00:47

User avatar Jungle Cycle
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Re: R.I.P Paul Sherwen

03 Dec 2018 00:59

RIP. very shocking, i listen to his voice for hundreds of hours every season, the TdF on NBC wont be the same without him :sad:
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03 Dec 2018 01:01

Nice one.
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Re: R.I.P Paul Sherwen

03 Dec 2018 01:53

Thoughts and prayers to the family.

My first kit was La Redoute as I liked JLVB, a long time ago. Cheered for him, then the TV career, he chose to be blind, Made a living...

User avatar Tonton
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Re: R.I.P Paul Sherwen

03 Dec 2018 02:16

R.I.P Paul
my deepest condolences to all his relatives.
User avatar hfer07
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03 Dec 2018 02:28

That is bad news. Hope is family and friends are doing okay. Will be missed.
User avatar SHAD0W93
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03 Dec 2018 06:28

Very sad news, alongside Phil he was the voice of cycling when I first started watching the sport. Thoughts are with his family and friends.
User avatar Pricey_sky
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03 Dec 2018 07:47

I didn't know Paul personally, but this feels like losing a friend. My sincere condolences go out to everyone who knew and worked with him, particularly to his family and Phil Ligget.
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03 Dec 2018 08:38

Whatever you think of them (and I quite liked PS) the person who was commentating when you start watching a sport is the person whose voice will always resonate the strongest. So he will always be the voice of cycling, the one who talked me through the strategy and explained the intricacies of road cycling. And for that I'll always be grateful. My life long love of the sport started with him, as I'm sure a great many others did. Not a bad way to be remembered.
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03 Dec 2018 08:39

RIP Paul
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03 Dec 2018 09:27

Yes I'm gutted too and a total shock. RIP Paul and my heartfelt condolences to his family and close friends. I still have old VHS tapes of the 93 Tour which was when I first started watching closely. Paul's voice (along with Phil) is part of my memories of that time in my life.
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03 Dec 2018 10:48

Sad news. That theme tune and Paul's voice can make me feel so happily nostalgic. He'll always be there in that sense. I always preferred his delivery over PL's.
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