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Domestiques thread. Who whill be the MTN superdomestique of the 2013?

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Best MTN Superdomestique of 2013

Roman Kreuziger (TSB)
Richie Porte (SKY)
Joseph Dombrowski (SKY)
Janez Brajkovic (AST)
Nairo Quintana (MOV)
Steven Kruivswijk (BLN)
No votes
Michael Rogers (TSB)
Maxime Monfort (RSH)
Sylvester Szmyd (MOV)
Total votes : 100

31 Jan 2013 08:43

Froome for wiggins or vice versa
User avatar Contadoraus Schlecks
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31 Jan 2013 09:15

Quintana will be no domestique :cool:
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31 Jan 2013 10:48

Ferminal wrote:Quintana will be no domestique :cool:

Exactly, he's probably the best climber in the list but that doesn't mean he'll be the best domestique. Me thinks Rogers.
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31 Jan 2013 12:59

Bart De Clercq for VDB
User avatar Lexman
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31 Jan 2013 14:27

Coppel/Navarro for Taaramäe.
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31 Jan 2013 15:03

Quintana - this guy is a phenom!
Alberto Contador=Legend!

Nibali becomes only the 6th winner of all 3 GTS (2014)!
Nibali joins Gimondi, Merckx and Hinault as only the 4th man to win all 3 GTS and 2 different Monuments (2018). A throwback rider in this age of specialization. Bravo!
User avatar Carols
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31 Jan 2013 15:17

niidirull wrote:Coppel/Navarro for Taaramäe.

One can hope, but Taaramae is a rare solo artist.
Dazed and Confused
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31 Jan 2013 16:04

Parrulo wrote:doubtful as they don't even race for the same team :p

i am going with kreuziguer

ok, I'm a cicken :D

so I would say Caruso for Basso, but maybe I can even say Basso for Caruso....
User avatar TeoSheva
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31 Jan 2013 22:17

I voted Porte because Quintana will be great but will get a lot of chances- whereas Porte will be absolutely crucial to Froome/Wiggins.
I'd agree with you but then we'd both be wrong

The Grand Boucle wasn't just Europe's for the taking.

"Has Porte ever dropped Nibali in any mountain?"
D&C "He will soon..."
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31 Jan 2013 22:21

: Confuso:
Quitana will be the best superdomestique, but Rogers will be the best overall domestique
User avatar pdluz7
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31 Jan 2013 22:25

TeoSheva wrote:ok, I'm a cicken :D

so I would say Caruso for Basso, but maybe I can even say Basso for Caruso....

They don't even ride the same GT's afaik. Caruso will ride the Tour as a leader, Basso is the captain in the Giro and Vuelta.
User avatar Pentacycle
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31 Jan 2013 22:33

Caruso leader:D
User avatar Jason_Mercier
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02 Feb 2013 18:14

Jason_Mercier wrote:Caruso leader:D

Tells a lot about the level of italian cycling right now.
I'm voting for Nairo, although he might be a team leader sooner than later.
User avatar SafeBet
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05 Feb 2013 17:29

Froome as a write in
User avatar Boeing
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05 Feb 2013 17:36

...Swift... lolz

More seriously, EBH will do a shed load of work in the first 75% of stages, uphill and down dale.
Waterloo Sunrise
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06 Feb 2013 00:38

Thomas will be first though?
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06 Feb 2013 02:51

Kreuziger, at least for the fact Contador is the best:p So in other words can say, Kreuziger will manage to lead him to yellow in Champs Elysées. :rolleyes: Thats the ultimate criterion:D
User avatar plooton
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06 Feb 2013 11:01

Porte by far with Rogers second.
El Pistolero wrote:I don't understand Gilbert's tactics. Does he really think he can beat Kwiatkowski in a sprint?
User avatar Hugo Koblet
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