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Live coverage

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Live coverage

09 Jul 2012 16:09

Suggestions for Live Coverage pages:

1. A way to turn updates on and off would be helpful. Every update causes the browser to jump back to the top of the page, making it quite tedious to read through the whole thing.

2. In stage races, include a link to the stage description. Either that or include more detail in the stage profile at the top of the Live Coverage page, but presumably a link to the stage description would be easier to implement.
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Live Coverage Options

22 May 2013 11:19

I don't think there's ever been a time when I select "Put First Updates on Top" that it has ever worked. Every time I select that option I still get the latest updates first and end up reading the latest update which kind of ruins the experience for me! :confused:

Can anyone look into this please?.... I hate it! :rolleyes:
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14 Sep 2013 14:17

I don't mean to be mean, but in today's live coverage I read:

"The Movistar team of Alejandro Valvere has taken up the chase in the main peloton. ... this Vuelta seems to have boiled down to... Nibali and Horner, but the former Fuentes client..."

I am a huge fan of Valverde, but regardless, I think it's crappy to refer to any rider as a former client of Fuentes or Ferrari or any other doping practitioner. Especially during race coverage. I know it may sound petty, but, why point that out during the race? Yucky. I think we all come to read the race action, which is superb!, but don't care to be reminded who was a client of whom during the race... As a fan I'd prefer live coverage did not bring doping weirdly into the action, please!... I apologize if it seems ridiculous :o
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15 Sep 2013 10:23

Hey, It's not ridiculous but it's a fair comment for CN to make, given that it's a fact. If we were to mention it every time a rider's name came up, fair enough, but we don't. Thanks for enjoying the coverage though.

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15 Sep 2013 13:22

Daniel Benson wrote:... It's not ridiculous...

Thanks for the response. I appreciate it...

Daniel Benson wrote:... If we were to mention it every time a rider's name came up, fair enough, but we don't...

That's true. You don't. I guess that's why I jumped a little... It was just a little hiccup for me to be 'blindsided' with that reference while enjoying the race... Doping talk always leaves me with a little bit of a bad aftertaste in my mouth and the live coverage is usually free of those references except when news comes up... Thanks!
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22 May 2014 14:16

Dan, I'm going through the live coverage today and I read these updates:

Daniel Benson wrote:15:54:34 CEST Ivan Basso... The... once banned rider...

Daniel Benson wrote:15:56:52 CEST Ryder Hesjdal, who has admitted to doping in the past......

I know what you're saying is true, but count me as one who would rather read about the racing and only the racing while a race is on... I think we all know by now who's been banned, who's admitted to it and I don't think it's particularly relevant to the race... I can do without those references during your race coverage, honestly... There may be a part of your audience that appreciates being reminded again and again who's doped and who hasn't, but I'd love it if I could read your beautiful coverage of a beautiful race and enjoy it without the doping references... It sort of, like I've said before, leaves a sort of bitter aftertaste... Sometimes I think it's like reminding me my girlfriend was unfaithful... I can't enjoy her too much if I keep thinking about it... Not that it's happened! ;) ... I may be the only one who feels this way, but it sort of ruins the moment each time I read those references during a race update... Would you consider not resorting to those references, please?... Is it too much of an ask? I'd hate to think it might have become an inalienable part of your race coverage style... :(
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27 Mar 2015 18:36

Today's live coverage of E3 included revealing result of another race:
16:43:23 CET
As we near the finish of E3, today's stage of the Volta a Catalunya has just ended with Alejandro Valverde winning solo, ahead of Rigoberto Uran

Please consider that there may be readers who wish not to know, how the other race ended. If you need to, just provide link to an article with results of the other race, but please keep live coverage spoiler-free.
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