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The Great Grand-Tour-Game 2014/15 "TdF Monster Edition"

Come in and talk about betting, computer games and cycling simulations, and your office's or online fantasy cycling leagues.

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The Great Grand-Tour-Game 2014/15 "TdF Monster Edition"

07 Jun 2014 01:51


Starting again with this years Tour de France:
Prediction Game for the TdF, Vuelta and Giro 2014/15

2011-Season; Mortand (Final-Standings)
2012-Season; Sylvester (Final-Standings)
2013-Season; Omitted due bad Giro weather (just kidding ;))
2014-Season; To be decided (will run through 2015)



In parentheses; Inherited points from the first four rounds

Grand Final - La Vuelta a España 2015;

Division Anquetil;
Arredondo (15.5)
Eshnar (16.5)
FoxxyBrown1111 (18.0)
Geraint Too Fast (19.0)
l.Harm (17.5)

Division Bartali;
al_pacino (17.5)
ILovecycling (18.0)
mutschi (18.0)
vladimir (16.0)
Wallenquist (18.5)

Division Coppi;
aarnold517 (18.0)
diggercuz (18.0)
Flamin (18.0)
Ruudz0r (17.0)
The Hitch (17.0)

Division Defraeye;
Hugo87 (19.0)
mortand (18.0)
Pricey_sky (17.0)
the sceptic (18.5)
Vino attacks everyone (17.0)

Eliminated players after the first four rounds (total net points scored);
21st Jspear (70.0)
22nd Pantani_lives (66.5)
23rd Sasquatch (65.0)
24th LosBrolin (64.5)
25th Poursuivant (64.0)
26th Mellow Velo (63.0)
27th kiilike (62.5)
28th search (61.5)
29th Jorik112 (48.5)
30th Ferminal (47.0)
31st jaylew (46.5)
32nd minessa (45.5)
33rd greenedge (45.0)
34thTigerion (43.0)
35th 18-Valve. (pithy) (41.0)
36th BYOP88 (36.0)
37th Afrank (35.5)
38th asdfgh101 (33.0)
39th movingtarget (31.5)
40th oliveira (31.5)
41st Gotland (29.5)
42nd the asian (29.5)
43rd kingjr (28.5)
44th JOSEDIN (28.5)
45th zlev11 (28.0)
46th Netserk (16.5) *
47th Dekker_Tifosi (16.5)
48th Froome19 (16.0)
49th fauniera (15.0) *
50th rainman (13.0)
51st EvansIsTheBest (13.0)
52nd Krzysztof_O (13.0)
53rd Kazistuta (12.5)
54th Jakob747 (12.5)
55th Armchair cyclist (12.0)
56th cycladianpirate (11.5)

(* participated as "Rule-3-a replacement" player)

Current Standings, Picks & Stats, Round V, Grand Final (La Vuelta a España 2015):
Division Anquetil
Division Bartali
Division Coppi
Division Defraeye

Complete Standings, Picks & Stats, Round IV (Le Tour de France 2015):
Division Anquetil
Division Bartali
Division Coppi
Division Defraeye

Complete Standings, Picks & Stats, Round III (Giro d'Italia 2015):
Division Anquetil
Division Bartali
Division Coppi
Division Defraeye

Complete Standings, Picks & Stats, Round II (La Vuelta a España 2014):
Division Anquetil
Division Bartali
Division Coppi
Division Defraeye

Complete Standings, Picks & Stats, Round I (Le Tour de France 2014):
... too many URLs :eek: (says the "improved" cyclingnews forum) ... so to check the division stats of the TdF 2014, use the above link, and then go to google.docs from there ...

About Provisionals:
Provisional rankings are "complete" standings (stage points and inherited points from the previous round/s plus CG points) "as if the GT ended today"; For example a player gained 4.5 points in the first 8 stages with his stage winner predictions, inherited 4.0 points from the previous round(s), and 7 of his picked T-20 riders are currently (after stage 8) inside the first 20 spots of the general classification. Thus this player would have 15.5 "provisional" points. Provisional only, because the Top-20 CG would most likely (to at least some degree) change in the final 13 stages, and it is likely more points will be scored with (correct) stage winner picks.
Apart from that, the extra point(s) for correct CG position picks are included in this rankings.
The provisionals are a good parameter of how things are going for a player. They are certainly a better indicator for "how things will end" than the "true" standings, which "only" include all stage- and inherited points scored up to the given stage. In this example the "true" standing points would be 8.5 of course.

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The Rules:
Every player has to predict upfront the winner of each stage* and the Top-20 of the Final-CG of the given Grand Tour. That is all. Sounds easy, but is actually very hard, as the "veterans" can attest. But it is also great fun. It gets you through boring flat stages, literally making them thrilling.
(* = A rider can be selected a maximum 3 times to win a stage.)

1 for each correct predicted Stage/Prologue-Winner.
0.5 if a predicted Stage/Prologue-Winner finishes in the Top-3 of the given stage.

1 for every predicted CG-Top-20-Finisher.
1 additional point for the correct predicted place in the Final-CG.

a.) Player A predicts Cavendish to win stage 3 of the TdF. If Cavendish indeed wins that stage, player A will score 1 point. If Cavendish finishes that stage on 2nd or 3rd place, player A will get 0.5 points.
b.) Kreuziger finishes 12th in the TdF. Player A predicted him to finish 20th. Player A will collect 1 point.
c.) Same result (Kreuziger finishing 12th), but in this case player A predicted Kreuziger correctly to finish 12th. He receives 2 points.

1.) The game will open with 54 players.
2. a) The predictions must be send to me via PM until 48 hours (thus usually Thursday) before the 1st stage (prologue) of the given GT.
b) A confirmation for participation PM must be send latest 3 days (usually Wednesday; 72 hours ahead of the start of stage 1/prologue) before every GT. This is necessary to guarantee a smooth organisation in case replacement players need to be called upon. Of course, therefor this rule does not apply for any replacement players who are contacted by me late, and may take part in the game.
3. a) If a player stops the game (due illness, holidays, or other reasons), even though qualified for the next round, he can name me a willing replacement player (a friend for example) who will take his spot during his hiatus, or for the reminder of the tournament.
Such a replacement player will start his first GT with one "inherited" point less than the lowest ranked player left in the tournament, independent of the inherited points the player who stopped the game would have taken to that given GT.
b) If no replacement player is announced, the highest ranked eliminated player will take his spot. Such player will be contacted by me no later than 24 hours before the given GT start.
4.) Schedule;
TdF 2014; Four divisions a 13 respectively 14 players. The two lowest seeded players from each division drop out, and since we start with uneven numbers in the divisions, an additional 2 players will be further eliminated (the two lowest seeded of the remaining players of all four divisions) from competition.
Vuelta 2014; Four divisions a 11 players. The two lowest seeded from each division will drop out.
Giro 2015; Four divisions a 9 players. Again, the two lowest seeded per division will drop out.
TdF 2015; Four divisions a 7 players. The two lowest seeded players from each division will be eliminated.
Vuelta 2015; We start with four divisions a 5 players where the lowest seeded player from each one drops out after the last stage before the 2nd rest day of the Vuelta (decisive would be the provisional rankings after that stage x)**, while the remaining 16 players will form the "Championship-Division" that plays out the overall winner.
** Is subject to change. There must remain at least four decisive stages (high mountains & time trials) after that final "cut".
5.) After each GT, every qualified player will take 25% of his scored points (so-called "inherited points") to the next rounds ("25%-Rule")***. That is a rule change from previous editions, where every player started with zero points in the next round. The reason: It is more fair for players who showed good "skills" in the Giro and/or TdF, only to lose out at the Vuelta on bad luck. OTOH, this "25%-Rule" still makes good comebacks possible for players who just slid into the next round. This version has been tested and showed the best results.
6.) Players could be excluded from competition if not following common sense of fairness, and/or (intentionally) not playing to their best abilities (like for example sending picks with lots of riders not riding the given GT; meaning the player doesn´t really care about the game or give it a serious try). There are always players waiting in line who actually enjoy the game, but may have been cut through some bad luck (like missing a spot point here or there, or just missing out on stages with some 4th place finishes) in previous round(s).
Before any action (expulsion of the game) would be taken, a warning will be send via PM. So that no misinterpretation of actions can happen.

*** Examples;
a.) Player A scored 19.5 points in the TdF 2014. He will take 5.0 rounded points to further round(s).
b.) Player B scored 17.0 points, thus he will head start with 4.5 rounded points at the Vuelta 2014.
c.) Player C scored 20.0 points at the TdF 2014, 17.0 net points (not counting the inherited "25%-Rule-Points") at the Vuelta 2014, and 17.5 net points at the Giro 2015. His head start for the TdF 2015 will be 13.5 rounded points.
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07 Jun 2014 03:24

Nuances, specifics and further explanations:
Not that important for now. Just in case for if "controversial matters" come up.

1. Most stages & Top-20 picks scored * (Explanation)
2. Most predicted Top-20 finishers *
3. Most correct stage wins predicted *
4. "Off-Score" * (Explanation)
5. Unrounded (speak exact) points according to the "25%-Rule" **
6. Most combined total net points scored in all GTs
7. Coin toss
(* of the given GT that is just played)
(** Example; Player A is tied with player B at 23 points each at a given GT. Both inherited 7.5 points from the previous round(s). Now the decider is the unrounded inherited points. May player A inherited 7.625 points, while player B inherited 7.375 points. In that case player A wins the tie breaking step.)

If a predicted rider will not race (due to a late injury for example), the player can exchange (only) this certain rider up to 1 hour before the GT begins.

You guys should check in here (the first three posts) now and then since I may will add important things that might come up during the game. Thus nobody would have to sift trou the thread to get knowledge of important topics.

More Questions?
The answers are certainly here!

(All rules written in this linked post are from the last played game, but they also count for this game, unless they are contradicting. Then of course the actual ones for the 2014/15 season are applicable.)
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07 Jun 2014 03:27

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07 Jun 2014 09:00

Great, I wanna be part of this:D
User avatar vladimir
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07 Jun 2014 09:11

It's a fun game. I'll join.
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07 Jun 2014 09:57

I'm in.

Why did you skip 2013? :o
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07 Jun 2014 10:15

Eshnar wrote:I'm in.

Why did you skip 2013? :o

Will tell you later on...
Welcome back. :)
User avatar FoxxyBrown1111
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07 Jun 2014 12:29

I'm in! Looks fun.
User avatar oliveira
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07 Jun 2014 14:00

I'd like to play.
User avatar cycladianpirate
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07 Jun 2014 14:26

Great to see this game back on track. I'm in!
User avatar mortand
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07 Jun 2014 14:48

Yep I'm in :)
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07 Jun 2014 19:08

I am interested in participating, I would be my first participation and not the last
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07 Jun 2014 19:57

Ahhh foxxy glad to see you back doing it again! Of course I'm in, trying to finally make the vuelta after two straight tour exits
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08 Jun 2014 00:09

Count me in. :)
User avatar Geraint Too Fast
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08 Jun 2014 05:28

If only DeGreef would still be with Lotto... I would already have my 20th spot occupied for the final CG... A great chance for scoring 2 points.
User avatar FoxxyBrown1111
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08 Jun 2014 07:21

Read my mail Fox...;)
User avatar Butterhead
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08 Jun 2014 09:24

I'm in:)

El Pistolero wrote: Gratz to Cav.
User avatar Froome19
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08 Jun 2014 10:07

Ok,I'm in...
but only if there is a winner prize those 4 moets from the 1st page,nahh just kidding :D:D,looks like it will be fun (and it will be my first fantasy game:eek:)
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08 Jun 2014 10:34

I would like to join again!
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