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Watching CX live

Skinny tyres, drop handlebars and mud. Lots of mud.

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Watching CX live

22 Oct 2014 06:19

So, I just found out that the Canadian Championships are a hop, skip, and jump away from me this weekend. Like, less than ten-minute ride from my house. I know we're not an elite CX nation, but still, CX has always struck me as a spectator-friendly sport and I've never watched an elite race live.

I guess I'm just wondering - have folks here watched some races live? I recognize that courses are quite different, but are there general tips with regards to a vantage point? Key parts of the course that I should stake out? I mean, obviously obstacles like mud and stairs, but what have others' experiences been? Just interested as a relative neophyte (my credentials consist of watching every World Cup race in like 2009-10 and then select ones since then, so not very much in total).
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