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Grab a short black and come join in the non-cycling discussion. Favourite books, movies, holiday destinations, other sports - chat about it all in the cafe.


17 Jun 2016 12:48

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***UPDATE*** Medical, legal, and financial advice - Cycling News Forums have a broad topic coverage. However, when it comes to financial, medical and legal advice, it's always recommended to seek advice from a qualified professional, rather than asking random strangers on the internet.

Due to the anonymous nature of the Internet, please be aware that there is no way to confirm the qualifications or motivations of any respondents. Misinformation or bad advice can cause financial, legal or medical harm. Therefore, members are encouraged to seek their own professional independent advice before making significant decisions based on what they read in the CN Forums.

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• Attempting to smartass your way around these rules.

The Other Rules
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• Remaking or complaining about a locked or deleted thread by creating a new thread.
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Terms and conditions

Guidelines for Posting
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Humor. Humor is difficult to use in writing, and is subject to personal interpretation. If another poster or a moderator finds your "humor" not to be humorous? Then it is up to the mods.
Trolling: trolling is a difficult term, with far-ranging definitions. The bottom line is this question: "is it destructive". If a post, or a poster, is destructive to a thread or the forum, by driving away conversation or other posters, they can be considered for warnings/bans. It can be considered destructive if the intent of the poster is nothing more than to provoke or "make fun of" other posters. Some spirited conversations - for instance, in the politics threads - will easily fall into this category. You have to have a thick skin to hold a discussion in the politics threads. But the moderators are aware of this, and it is taken into account.
Proof of point, opinions, and common knowledge: you can't just say "we know Bobby the Bod is doping". You have to provide some proof using linked sources or verifiable material. Or, you can just state "in my opinion". If, on the other hand, it is in the realm of "common knowledge", then it is acceptable to make an unverified statement. Be careful - common knowledge would apply, for instance, at the time of this posting, to Lance Armstrong. But allegations of current doping, and current riders, would not be "common knowledge" at this point. To be common knowledge, the "fact" has to have been published, widely read, and widely agreed with. This point is particularly applicable in The Clinic.

Look for announcements stickied to the top of any sub-forum you may visit for additional rules not mentioned here.

We want an open forum, available to all opinions, with freely ranging topics. Sometimes this means the conversations get contentious. Avoid fights, and respect other posters.

Please read before posting - Terms and conditions
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