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LeMond Sued Again

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LeMond Sued Again

22 Jan 2017 00:09

I think LeMond has sued everyone who has ever been foolish enough to go into business with him.


It also charges that Greg LeMond misused company funds by, for example, allegedly paying to send LeMond's family to last year's Tour de France. The suit charges that LeMond did not have board approval to sign a contract of more than $60,000 a month with a marketing company. It charges that Jacome secretly recorded a conversation she had with a potential client in November, in violation of the federal Wiretapping Act.

What's more, LeMond is involved in wiretapping again. He probably walks around all day wearing Google Glass.
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22 Jan 2017 01:05

I moved this new thread from the clinic because the subject matter revolves around Greg Lemond's business dealings, which are not clinic related.
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22 Jan 2017 10:18

Alex Jacome.
What the actual ****?
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Re: LeMond Sued Again

22 Jan 2017 13:01

and additional damages for the alleged wiretapping.

The crux of the complaint is the October employment agreement she wants nullified. The suit alleges that she was fraudulently pressured into signing the agreement by Wegener, who she says told her she needed to sign it quickly, with no time for legal review, because a potential investor was demanding it. The investor never materialized, the suit says, and it charges that LeMond was already planning on terminating Jackson before she was asked to sign the agreement.


.....this comes as such a complete shock.... :rolleyes: .....and look-ee-here there is a Jacome in the mix, lord thunderin' jaysus !....the gifts that never stop giving...

Interestingly, Connie Jackson is still listed as CEO on the Lemond website. That is NOT the hallmark of a company that has its act together:


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26 Jan 2017 06:13

sniper wrote:Alex Jacome.
What the actual ****?

Who's that? Any relation to Otto Jacome, LeMond's old soigneur?
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Re: Re:

26 Jan 2017 09:04

benzwire wrote:
sniper wrote:Alex Jacome.
What the actual ****?

Who's that? Any relation to Otto Jacome, LeMond's old soigneur?

Yes it's Otto Jacome's son.

No wonder Otto never returned to cycling.
I think Lemond didn't want him to, and decided to take good care of him and his family so that he didn't need to.

For the record, he wasn't just Lemonds soigneur. He had some stints as coach first in the San Francisco bay area and later for some other pro's, mainly mexican's including Alcala and Arroyo.
Here's more background on that: viewtopic.php?p=2045175#p2045175

In Joe Parkins biography you can read how Jose De Cauwer gave Otto's number to Joe.
Which makes one wonder, what was a proven doping coach, Jose, doing passing around Ottos phonenumber?
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