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UST Wheels And Tyres.

Which tyres for Paris-Roubaix? Whose time trial bike is fastest? Suspension mountain bikes or singlespeeders? Talk equipment here.

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UST Wheels And Tyres.

25 Apr 2018 08:08


Cutting a long story short I have ended up with a Mavic Cosmic Elite UST rear wheel and this came with a Yksion Pro UST tyre. On the second ride out the tyre was slit open by a piece of flint and was beyond repair and the only tyre I could quickly lay my hands on was a Hutchinson Sector 28, 28mm, UST.
My questions are: 1) Can I use any UST tyre with my Mavic Cosmic Elite UST rear wheel? 2) Can I carry on using my front wheel with 23mm tyre and inner tube or should I be running a UST on the front as well? I have noticed that going into corners that the front turns straight away and the rear seems to want to "think about it" before following.
Thank you.
Roger Ground
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27 Apr 2018 00:56

(1) I would think you can use any tire you want.

(2) According to Mavic's website the Cosmic Elites are tube or tubeless ready. So you can fit them with whatever clincher tire you want to use.

I would run 28's front and rear and I do. I love riding lower pressures.
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