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[Green Edge] Shayne Bannan, Gerry Ryan and an Aussie Pro Team for 2012?

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Yesterday 16:24

dirkprovin wrote:
yaco wrote:You are overthinking things - The plan is to have have Haig, Verona and Plaza for mountain support in the Giro - Kreuziger, Howson and Albasini for mountain support at the TDF - Vuelta will have a three pronged attack and Kreuziger.

Between Bewley, Tuft and Hepburn ( wind riders ) you will have 5 GT's - Kluge or Mezgec is likely to to do the Giro and the Vuelta - Impey and Durbridge,Docker, Impey, Hayman, Keukeliere and Cort are slated to ride one GT - Gerrans is the interesting case - I'd have him ride the Giro and the Vuelta, instead of the TDF, but at the same time Orica will want to nail a stage of the TDF, so they may think Gerrans can deliver a stage.

Finally that was a fantastic leadout today by Mezgec and Kluge.

Don't think that I'm overthinking as such but rather seeing the legitimate uncertainties and that a number of selections remain fluid.

Verona could be a major asset or a complete zero. We have nothing to date on his showings with the team to indicate either way. Agree with Plaza to the Giro; Haig - fair enough. My question mark is whether they will provide sufficient reliable support or prove to be "bit players" at best. Hence my thought that Impey may go to Giro given his ride in support of AY at last year's Tour

Agree with Bewley and Hepburn being the wind riders but sadly can't see Tuft being up to in given how he was battling last season.

Kreuziger to also ride Vuelta ? A plausible scenario but not full sold as whether its worthwhile.

Agree that either Mezgec or Kluge will go to Giro but not both. Any more than one designated support for Showboater cannot be sanctioned if they are seriously pursuing a double prong GC campaign.

Albasini to Tour is certainly plausible but conversely, how much has he raced alongside Chaves whereas Gerrans has that history. Hayman .... I'm just not sure WHICH one they'll send him to.

Durbridge, Keukeleire, Cort .... each offering considerable versatility and utlity but exactly which combination each may slot into .... I remain uncertain

Shows there are one or two gaps in the team, which is the case for most teams - Hence the reason Orica made a big offer to Thomas who can fill a utility role - I understand another offer will be made this year.

Anyway S.Yates is riding GC at Paris Nice with Cort going for the sprints and A.Yates riding GC at Tirreno Adriatico with Ewan doing the sprints - Finally Orica thinks Durbridge can win a ITT at one of the upcoming WT one week stage races.
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Today 03:14

Good showing from Ewan yesterday.
He may end up deserving more support at the Giro
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