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[Green Edge] Shayne Bannan, Gerry Ryan and an Aussie Pro Team for 2012?

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16 Dec 2017 10:05

swuzzlebubble wrote:
yaco wrote:
swuzzlebubble wrote:You've got Power in the Vuelta twice

Hence my comment about not taking my post as gospel - Do you have any ideas to throw into the mix ?

Well I'd take Trentin to the Tour to target some stages and assist the sprints.
I'd rate Nieve ahead of Yates for GC too so I'd at least have him as a protected rider with Haig and/or RK as support.

Also I think Durbridge or Tuft for the Tour to drive the TTT and be the big engine on the flatlands.

Remembered I left out Bauer - Well suited to the TDF with cobbles/TTT and lead out for Ewan.
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