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Andreas Kloden's Final Bid For Another Coveted Top 10 Tour Finish, 'Official' Thread

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11 Jun 2014 11:26

jens_attacks wrote:vino had the both knees destroyed. all what he had done in that tour was a miracle

Fractured coccyx was worse; even before their crashes Andreas had smashed Vino in the prologue (had won T-A earlier that season); I believe that he had the better legs.

Anyhoo, glad my thread is still alive :)

Even if all this Oscar talk makes me a grouch :p
In top grade professional cycling (and in life) it is virtually impossible to be a major winner whilst being 100% clean (or honest). Most GC GT riders are simply doing what they love whilst playing the game.

I'm a huge Kloden fan (or a Klodist) - despite the fact that he rode for Telekom/T-Mobile, Astana and Radioshack :)

Contador at Fuente De - I salute you!

Germany 7 Brazil 1 :D
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20 Jun 2015 13:38

I just climbed Verbier in a Telekom top :)

Not sure how to post videos, but here is a link to a few:

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