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17 Apr 2019 04:53

movingtarget wrote:
jmdirt wrote:SEA and Wilson agree to 4 year $140 MIL (65 up front!) according to sources! :eek: I was actually thinking that they SEA had decided to move on, but holy *****!

Nice payday but when you see what Cousins and Jimmy G are getting it's not undeserved. How will it impact on the Hawks playoff chances re building their squad ? Maybe some trades on the way ? Some good draft picks will help.

Just more shows how insane some sports contracts in general are. However, the teams have the money to pay.
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17 Apr 2019 12:15

I listened to an interview with with Oliver Luck (XFL)...if you have a minute, its worth listening to (reading) him IMO. Google it and pick the one you want because he has been making the rounds.
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Re: Re:

17 Apr 2019 22:39

Just watched an interview with Luck, and read another. If there's one thing they do have, is Vince McMahon is getting older, seems to really want the league to last. And he's worth over $3b, while it seems he's still going to look for external financial investment. This makes me think he could probably, probably eat upwards of $50m and keep going without blinking. Luck also seems to mentally understand and focus on finances, which is smart. I like the way Luck doesn't trash the AAF, and instead sees them as something to learn from.

Koronin wrote:Just more shows how insane some sports contracts in general are. However, the teams have the money to pay.

Either that or the owner keeps it all. As I see it, the players are the ones doing the actual work. Though yes, the numbers are very high, no matter who is keeping it.

As to Rivers and Eli. Not sure what to say. I don't think Eli belongs in the hall, but being in NY, and his name, may get him there. Rivers, who knows. Crazy trade day though.
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