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Colombia - Coldeportes

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07 Oct 2015 15:58

The original link comes from http://altimetriascolombia.blogspot.ca/2015/10/team-colombia.html#more
It started an opinion article in the main Colombian newspaper, where the writer presented parts of the reality from the Team. Then Hector Urrego, a lead cycling journo, who actually benefits from the team attacked the article in his radio program.
So many people from La Ruta del Escarabajo and Altimetrías de Colombia put something longer together.

The hosting for La Ruta is not reliable and they are looking into alternatives.

Regarding the article it says:
Team budget gets 3M from the Colombian Government. (slosada: I read 3.8M is total budget including Italian sponsors and other Colombian institutions) and compares the results with Caja Rural running on a smaller budget.
Later it goes to reveal how the changed the goals of the team (to return to the highest level in cycling) to promote young talents (but 12 out of 19 riders are over 26 years old)
Then it mentions all the victories in 3 years and ZERO in 2015.
After that, the article analyses the calendar and says it doesn't go beyond 4 months and more than 50% were on "Waiting for invitation" state.

The team look amateurish the way they manage many things, like when they sent 6 riders to Trentino, and how the calendar doesn't fit the characteristics of the riders or simply they select the wrong type of riders because the goal is not to win, just to show the maillot and the bike brand.

Next paragraph explores constant delays in rider wages and how cyclists look to escape from the team even if that means to return to Colombia.

The Team management is stingy, it took too long to buy powermeters and they are one of the cheapest and really unreliable (ibike)

Same goes for the the plane tickets, and they are forced to stay in Italy paying rent from their own pocket, and losing the benefits of altitude training at home. This even goes from January and February when they can't ride outdoors. If riders want to train in Colombia they should pay their own tickets.

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Re: Colombia - Coldeportes

Yesterday 07:04

Thanks for the info slosada.
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Re: Colombia - Coldeportes

Yesterday 07:14

I read that Manzana-Postobon wants to go PCT as well. How do those 2 teams compare in terms of finance, management, riders and fans?
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Re: Colombia - Coldeportes

Yesterday 09:43

janraaskalt2 wrote:I read that Manzana-Postobon wants to go PCT as well. How do those 2 teams compare in terms of finance, management, riders and fans?

They want to turn PCT in the future, not for 2016 I think. They are much better organised also when they were riding in Europe in 2014. I think Colombia has like 1.5 - 2 times the budget of Manzana but thats just a guess from me.
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Today 10:38

Too easy though to blame it all on Corti.

"La culpa no es de los ciclistas (como seguramente argumentarán los defensores de Corti) sino del staff técnico, la dirección deportiva del T-Colombia. Materia prima abunda aquí. La prueba son los Nairos y Rigos, que bien manejados rinden al máximo nivel. La culpa es exclusiva de un manejo mezquino e incompetente."

While I won't claim that Corti is competent, that his management ist perfect, the fact is that the team simply doesn't get the talent. What do Uran and Quintana have to do with the talent of the guys in the team? Nothing really. Unless those morons (the writers, because with such an idiotic argumentation they certainly outed themselves as clueless morons) think that every Colombian has the talent of Uran or Quintana And the ones that were regarded as talented actually delivered, Atapuma, Chaves, Pantano, Duarte (ok, not lately and in his case not sure how much another DS would help). Chalapud delivered too.. Duque 2014 actually had the best season in years. A big big part of the problem is the riders. Not saying that another DS wouldn't do better with these guys, but if Colombia isn't getting better talent... the best DS won't change the situation.

Team Colombia simply doesn't get the talent. The fault is most likely partly Cortis but also the simple fact that Colombians are back. Without Uran, Quintana, others now get direct offers from WT teams, a few years back they might have signed for Colombia even with Corti there. (Henao maybe.. directly to Sky, without the trailblazers he might have passed unnoticed and gone to Colombia). Team came a few years to late.

As for Saldarriaga who's always mentioned here... I have no clue how good he is, no problem believing that he's better than Corti.. but it's not like his team did any better in its European season. Actually if anything it did worse than Corti with almost the same riders did one year later. Compare 2011 with 2012.. 2012 simply was better than 2011. Quintana won the mountain jersey in Catalunya ... yeah! That's about it. Of course the young guys were a year younger, which makes a difference, had Saldarriaga been in command in 2012 I guess the results would have improved too. Or been better than with Corti. But still in the same league.

Still firing Corti and getting somebody else doesn't sound like a bad idea... His reputation clearly isn't all that good (even before Colombia), having him there might convince some Colombians not to join the team. Get a new, more popular guy. Saldarriaga for all I care, or anybody really. But the general quality of the team won't change much. The big talents will go to Etixx, Astana, whatever directly.
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20 minutes ago

You forgot to mention his training in Italy early on the year. It is beyond me why he does that. Even losing the great opportunity that Colombia has to offer of training at altitude.
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