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The 2012 CQ Ranking Manager Game

Come in and talk about betting, computer games and cycling simulations, and your office's or online fantasy cycling leagues.

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30 Dec 2012 01:14

Congratz to the winners and close finishers!

Thanks for hosting Hugo looking forward to next years game.

Also thanks to CQManager
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31 Dec 2012 02:24

Knocked out of the top five by one point on the last day!

I'm amazed at my year on year performance, because I have really only followed cycling through the year with really close attention for about three years, although I had a some interest for many years previously.

This time last year, I had a "short"list of somewhere in the order of 170 riders. So many riders, in fact, that I shall now admit to multiple registration and entries, with my second, third and fourth choice teams being Cuyphagist (113th: my reserve team beat a handful of teams) and the only two teams to record a negative score: Sdrawkcab and Weeley Wheeler. Sorry if this was an abuse of the system: at least I have proved to myself that second (and third and fourth) ranked teams are not worth pursuing, and that it does not lessen the frustration of choices made (I somehow managed to fail to transfer Luke Durbridge from my shortlist to any of my four teams).

And yet despite such a huge shortlist, I managed to totally overlook one of my favourite riders: Luis Leon Sánchez. I could have gained enough points by picking him over the more expensive Kruijswijk to move into third, and had extra spending points that might have pushed me higher still. Arrgghhh

This year, however, my shortlist has one rider on it: a Luxembourger who apparently climbs well. I'll put together some sort of list (oh: I've just had a look at page one: I have 5 more days to put a list together than I thought) but I have little confidence of boosting my position in the aggregated rankings. mc mountain: the road is open to you to be the only three time top tenner.
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16 Jan 2013 21:53

I guess the game has started and it is too late to join?
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16 Jan 2013 22:45

You can always put together a team, save it in excel and post it in the thread, paste it into the updated spreadsheets and brag how you would have won if only you entered in time. In any case the lessons learned will stand you in good stead for next year.

Mini games for the Grand Tours will probably run again and maybe one for the Classics season (Het Nieuwsblad to LBL) which is an idea i just had.
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17 Jan 2013 08:36

asdfgh101 wrote:...maybe one for the Classics season (Het Nieuwsblad to LBL) which is an idea i just had.

This is a very good idea! I will look into it. Of course it would include the big races but I think we could include smaller races like Kuurne, Strade Bianche and Giro del Lazio as well. After all, there's almost a month between Het Nieuwsblad and Milano-San Remo.
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