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Tour de France 2013

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28 May 2013 13:30

staubsauger wrote:+ it's the 100th edition
+ They Frenchies have a new gt hero who's a pure climber

What the hell is Preudhomme doing!?

He is way way to conservative. Would like more hilly stages in fx Massif Central. Those often provide a lot of unexpected drama
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28 May 2013 16:12

MP's Tours:

I liked the 09 Alps a lot, maybe his best since is director, but the Pyrenees was inexistent.
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28 May 2013 17:17

barmaher wrote:I should have said that the ITT in Mont Saint Michel ought to be 10km shorter .

Fixed that for ya (too much of adv for Froome:D)
McLovin wrote:MP's Tours:

I liked the 09 Alps a lot, maybe his best since is director, but the Pyrenees was inexistent.

I like this,precisely in this order!:)
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Ryo Hazuki in August 2013 wrote:what? quintana is already better climber than froome. see final stages of the tour and he's only 23. quintana is the best climber I've sene since pantani. he will become a legend
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