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South American race thread

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Yesterday 21:26

DNP-Old wrote:Pretty strong podium for the sub23 ITT:


isa some footage of cardona pedaling today.
very good position on the bike, classy rider.

he is atypical colombian , stronger ruler than climber, even if he is not bad at climbing.
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Re: South American race thread

Today 18:04

I took a look at the Colombian Elite Road Race Course today. There are some nice little 12% kickers in two shortish back leg climbs, while the two longish first leg climbs are steadier. But there's enough flat in that second leg to rest up before those kickers, while the out leg is pretty much all up and down bar for a few flattish corners. The finish is an utter cluster madness. I don't have much faith in the lazy sons-of-troglodytes that run the federation, but I imagine even they will move up the finish when they take their first live look at it. If they leave it as is it's anyone's game and I just hope no one crashes. I have no idea how you sprint 50m downhill onto a stone bridge coming off a roundabout preceded by 500m at -7%.

As to who'll win this thing, I haven't a clue. It seems like a tough ask for Gaviria. Pantano, just to put the pixels out there.
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Today 19:36

Gold in the U23 RR goes to Robinson Lopez. Silver is for Chrystian Cardona and Jonathan Cañaveral takes bronze.
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