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South American race thread

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Today 11:23

Valv.Piti wrote:So 5 stages for Gaviria and the overall for Bernal?

Sprinters: Gaviria, Richeze (will get a gift), van Poppel, Guardini, Haedo, Ruffoni, Marini, Gavazzi, Viviani, Angarita... not bad.

For GC it is wide open. Short Itt and a not too hard climb, but still an long one. My guess is Sepulveda, if he shows up in his San Luis shape of 2016. But I don't know if the Argentine national team will work for him or Rosas, who won the race in the last three years. All the top Argentines will be here, except Dani "Froome of January" Diaz.
Max Rockatansky
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Today 13:03

I'm pretty sure Boonen will do one or two sprints for Quickstep (or together with Gaviria). :)
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Today 14:43

On a side note: Is attilio viviani family from Elia?
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Today 14:54

Yes, he's one of Elia's younger brothers, the other one (Luca) is a Football player.
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47 minutes ago

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