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Disc brakes on road bikes...

Which tyres for Paris-Roubaix? Whose time trial bike is fastest? Suspension mountain bikes or singlespeeders? Talk equipment here.

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05 Jun 2018 19:35

VeloFidelis wrote:Try backing off the tension on your through axles. Over tightening can create some interesting and unexpected results. They can generate a lot more force than a QR, so play with that. They are not going fall out. Nice pics though... gotta love a quality Ti setup. BTW, Is that the Nanaimo ferry?

That seems like it would lead to more noise to me. I certainly haven't seen every dropout, but the setups that I am familiar with have a "mechanical stop": The axle caps stop against the inside face of the dropout, and the skewer stops against the outside. Sure you can stand on it or get a big cheater bar to really torque it, but by hand, I don't think that you can over tighten them. Besides, the rotor is mounted to the hub either via centerlock or six bolt, its not mounted to the axle so even if you crush the axle caps, the rotors should be unaffected. On the other hand, if the skewer is slightly loose, the hub/rotor might move slightly.

EDIT: This thread popped into my head on my way home from the trail head so I tried a little experiment. My brakes don't make any squeals. I loosened the skewer/axle (Fox fork/Fox axle) about 15 mm...not very much. I got up to about 20 mph and then grabbed a hand full of lever and the brakes squealed. So at least in my application backing the axle tension off wasn't good.
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