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What level of ads is acceptable?

I don't mind them
If they were cycling related they'd be ok
If they were after the last post on a page they would be okay
If they were cycling related and at bottom of page, they would be ok
If these ads stay in any form, I go
Total votes : 139

03 Jan 2012 16:38

krebs303 wrote:NoScript also removed all the ads. pity, I did look and click occasionally. If they put those ads back on the bottom I too will unblock skimresources

Yep works a treat for firefox. Thanks for the tip. Also agree with the standpoint sometimes the stories were good, but mid thread its just annoying.
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User avatar Straßenrennen
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03 Jan 2012 16:56

I'm not downloading yet another blocking program because of this ****. Sort it out. Thank you.
User avatar Thomsena
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03 Jan 2012 16:59

I would like to thank cyclingnews for adding those ads. It makes every thread look like the BoB thread (minus the bike mostly, so really more like a B thread, where B stands for babes (or boobs it seems)). Again thank you very much. I assume Susan is behind this?
User avatar Cobblestones
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03 Jan 2012 17:01

This was a surprise to all of us as well. It is being looked into.

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User avatar Susan Westemeyer
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03 Jan 2012 18:09

This, on a cycling forum? Seriously?

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03 Jan 2012 18:20

What no one likes a little eye candy during the work day :D

I say give us more!

Surprised the mod's haven't banned the ad's (note one d!) due to excessive skin :D
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03 Jan 2012 18:38

What a c*ck up.
Ironically, the worst effected thread is this one.
Almost unfathomable.

I think I'll come back later............................
Mellow Velo
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03 Jan 2012 19:25

I just ordered 2 things from an add here on cn...maybe this annoying add work in some way... Even if i ordered it from bagittoday
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User avatar Zam_Olyas
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03 Jan 2012 19:48

I think the adverts are not so bad... well some of them, I have clicked a few :S but to have them in the middle of thread looks terrible and is very annoying, strange choice of links too :S
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User avatar palmerq
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03 Jan 2012 20:52

Wow, Lance right next to a huge Prostata.

But those fake-out panties are really retarded. You can't fool me.
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03 Jan 2012 21:01

sublimit wrote:They dont appear on Opera.


One of the few reasons I use Opera with AdBlock on it, no adds at all :). Plus its a great browser :p.
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03 Jan 2012 23:03

Members can't put off topic comments in the middle of threads, so why put off topic ads? Ban them.
Night Rider
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03 Jan 2012 23:28

Night Rider wrote:Members can't put off topic comments in the middle of threads, so why put off topic ads? Ban them.

That's the beauty of it. Scantily clad chicks (with or without bike) will NEVER be off topic anymore, regardless which forum or thread.
User avatar Cobblestones
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03 Jan 2012 23:57

boomcie wrote:Installed AdBlock for Chrome especially to get rid of this ****.
Works perfectly.

Just add:
to your manual filters.


Thanks, worked a treat.
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User avatar Spider1964
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04 Jan 2012 00:43

Totally irritated at this today! glad to find the thread and compatriot outrage. I really dont care to look at Kim K and all the other cra**y stuff in the middle of the forum posts..(or anywhere actually)

I clicked on the little box and found the mssg from outbrain, considered sending an email but afraid I might end up with something worse from visiting that site...:confused:

Will try the chrome thingie..thanx boomcie.

can't CN just refuse to deal with some of this ad stuff??
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User avatar mewmewmew13
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04 Jan 2012 02:37

I like tits, keep it coming.

04 Jan 2012 03:24

Thoughtforfood wrote:I like tits, keep it coming.


Big, perfect breasts never ever, ever has been a problem for me. I love.... Love these ads. Thank you CN, I hope you are making a fortune.
Scott SoCal

04 Jan 2012 03:40

Scott SoCal wrote:+1

Big, perfect breasts never ever, ever has been a problem for me. I love.... Love these ads. Thank you CN, I hope you are making a fortune.

I think we can all agree on that.;)
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User avatar Hugh Januss
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04 Jan 2012 04:13

Hugh Januss wrote:I think we can all agree on that.;)

Tits and beer. We will always have those things....
Scott SoCal

04 Jan 2012 04:29

Thoughtforfood wrote:I like tits, keep it coming.

Ok now I'm really pi$$ed off. I don't get titty ads. I get all kinds of other crap but no tits. I really, really hate this. Equal opportunity, please. Give me the titty ads or drop this stupid feature altogether!
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