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Extreme quadriceps starting pain after 3-4 rest days

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Re: Extreme quadriceps starting pain after 3-4 rest days

29 Nov 2018 12:03

[quote="But the best way to avoid the pain for me is to only rest one day. So if I have a resting-week on my trainingplan, I still go out every day and ride Zone 1 for an hour. I always stay in hotels that have a stationary bike. This is just how I have learnt to live with this problem.[/quote]

This is 100% me. A couple of months ago I came perilously close to an "attack" after 48 hours off the bike, but managed to just about keep it at bay by getting on the bike just in time (I could feel the "acid" (or whatever) rising but it never went nuclear); otherwise I've managed to keep it completely at bay by real careful management. It can be an incredible inconvenience though, especially with holidays, and thankfully my missus is a saint.

[quote="One the of the things that popped up on mine: "susceptibility to malignant hyperthermia (MHS) You may be at higher risk for a bad response to anesthetics."[/quote]

I'd be interested in giving this a go, just to help test your hypothesis. Which test did you do? The Health and Ancestry Svs or just the Health one?

Then was there any cost for the further analysis?
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