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Who is the sexiest male cyclist?

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19 Feb 2012 13:09

Nilsson wrote:You can have him, I'll take care of the girl...:D

User avatar classicomano
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19 Feb 2012 13:11

hatcher wrote:took me a little while to find him.

Nilsson wrote:You can have him, I'll take care of the girl...:D

There is no doubt that Boonen is the sexiest on that picture:mad:

...And I'm saying this as a heterosexual male ;)
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19 Feb 2012 13:20

User avatar Michele
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19 Feb 2012 13:21

It really is a sexy, sexy sport.
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19 Feb 2012 13:24

Matti Breschel used to work as a model in New York, so he's got a good claim.
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19 Feb 2012 13:38

LOL well as a female I say it's a tie between Alberto and Pozzato; depends on if you prefer the dark sultry look or the metro blonde:) Honorable mentions to Spartacus, Peter Velits and Valverde.

All Time = Cipo!!!!!! He can still make a girl swoon ;)
Alberto Contador=Legend!

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Nibali joins Gimondi, Merckx and Hinault as only the 4th man to win all 3 GTS and 2 different Monuments (2018). A throwback rider in this age of specialization. Bravo!
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19 Feb 2012 13:44

RIP Craig, you'll be missed friend.
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19 Feb 2012 13:44


There you go!
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19 Feb 2012 13:48

Testing the bounds of reality.
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19 Feb 2012 14:02

someone in adidas jacket :D
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19 Feb 2012 14:29

NM [color="White"]10 character minimum[/color]
User avatar La Pandera
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19 Feb 2012 15:46

I dont find any of them sexy but id say the handsome ones are Valverde, Froome, Ricco
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The story is beginning again, just as it did 14 years ago

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19 Feb 2012 15:58

Matti has been a model so you'd think the ladies would find him interesting.

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19 Feb 2012 16:43

airstream wrote:Image
someone in adidas jacket :D

awesome pic! thx for sharing
wow Matti Breschel is handsome. yeah, i'll go with Breschel, with Boonen a close second.
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19 Feb 2012 17:18

Breschel and Boonen for me as well :)
Matti Breschel <3
Mikkel Kessler <3
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19 Feb 2012 17:33

<insert chicken pic here>
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19 Feb 2012 19:36

photo deleted
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19 Feb 2012 19:59

Andy Schleck, Frank Schleck, Tom Boonen, Allesandro Valverde.
User avatar The Plediadian
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19 Feb 2012 20:46

No way Frandy is sexy. I'll say Matti, Jakob, Tom, Tommy, and of course Alberto. He's the sexiest.
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19 Feb 2012 20:54

LaFlorecita wrote:No way Frandy is sexy. I'll say Matti, Jakob, Tom, Tommy, and of course Alberto. He's the sexiest.

OK I give in, I have to add sweetness, Alberto is sweet.
You have to admit though, between Alberto and Andy, it is hard to tell who is sweeter. Sweetness equals sexiness.
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