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Opinions about the JV Q&A

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Opinions about the JV Q&A

24 Feb 2012 01:15

I am curious about what people thought about the JV Q&A today. Any positive feedback I am sure would be appreciated...

What did you most like about it?

And any ways it could be improved...

Unfortunately I was traveling today and could not be on the forum as it happened but it was fascinating reading the responses and actually just as interesting seeing what questions people wanted to ask. A real high point if I think about the journey this forum has been on since it started.

Thanks to JV obviously but thanks to Dan as well for setting it up and taking the time to moderate a live discussion.
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24 Feb 2012 02:27

I thought it was a good idea. The members asked some decent questions, and Vaughters provided some candid answers. Too bad there wasn't more advance notice, although what with schedules maybe that couldn't be avoided. I hope we'll see more of this. But I wouldn't put the thread in 'Road Cycling - General', which is a far less popular part of the forum than the road racing section. And it's too bad that the thread is now buried in a sub-section of the RR - General forum, there is some good material in there that members might want to read and it couldn't be more difficult to find.
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24 Feb 2012 03:47

It was a great idea. It would be good to promote it more next time. Maybe invite a different DS every month? I suggest Johan Bruyneel for next time.
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24 Feb 2012 03:53

If Dan convinces the hog to appear he'll be journalist of the year. And I wouldn't miss it for the world. Hogs will fly first, though.
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24 Feb 2012 04:26

It is a great idea, I enjoyed reading his responses. It would be nice to see the questions he was responding to as opposed to just the poster's name, there was too much question/answer intermingling to keep it straight.

I look forward to more since you have created a separate category for it. Let's see who show up...
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24 Feb 2012 05:43

i agree, good idea.
well done cn.
RIP Craig, you'll be missed friend.
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24 Feb 2012 11:26

It's always great to be able to interact with and get feedback like that. Great job CN and kudos to JV for doing it. Not everyone would.
Nick C.
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24 Feb 2012 11:43

good idea..

a couple of comments, the posts at the top of each thread came down a bit early, maybe should have been left up through to the end of the session and changed to read "now on"

It appeared to start 2 hours earlier than scheduled, 4.30 uk time as opposed to 6.30 uk time as advertised.

would also have been nice if maye jv could have quoted the members question, and then a mod go through and just remove the question threads. You need to have two windows open to read it, one for the questions, one for the answers.

06 Jun 2012 17:14

where can you see this Q and A?
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06 Jun 2012 17:31

I dream of a better world, where chickens can cross the road without having their motives questioned.
User avatar Susan Westemeyer
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06 Jun 2012 17:36

Ah, thank you.
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