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March 17th 2012 Milan-Sanremo - The Primavera - 298km

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19 Mar 2012 19:03

Ryo Hazuki wrote:the problem is nibali and oss only ride for themselves in every race. they are destructive in every way to sagan's chances. in oman for instance every stage oss sprinted for himself while sagan could've won. also saturdya in msr oss did absolute zero work so he could finish 9th himself, nibali 3rd and sagan should've won this

:confused::confused: Dont know what race you were watching but it certainly wasnt MSR, Oss did a tonne of work for Sagan just not after Nibali attacked (for obvious reasons) Also he is a true domestique who does not ever jeopardise his leaders just look at colarado last year where he could have won many more stages if it wasnt for him leading out Viviani.
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24 Mar 2012 11:02

Milan-Sanremo: 4th at 2", 12th at 12", 15th at 20", 44th at 31", 45th at 1'05
E3 Harelbeke: 45th at 0" (after 13 Flemish Ardenne climbs)

What's the sprinter race again? :p
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24 Mar 2012 11:05

Milan-San Remo.

Milan-San Remo was not a bunch sprint because of crashes.

E3 Harelbeke WAS a bunch sprint because of one particular crash ;)

And that's why San Remo will always be a sprinter race and E3 Harelbeke always a true classic for hard men.
Ryo Hazuki wrote:horrible. boonen just the same guy as years before and this course is too hard for him. that's why he rode like a coward there were at least 3 guys stronger than boonen today and none of them won: sagan, ballan, pozzato

The Hitch wrote:Goss will woop boonens candy a[color="Black"]ss[/color] in a sprint he cares about, any day of the week
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