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Philippe Gilbert Discussion Thread

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28 May 2015 15:18

This is how a true champion reacts to an unsuccesful ardennes campaign and a crash before his biggest goal of the year. Amazing ride.
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28 May 2015 15:36

Smart race and a very good win. It's good seeing Gilbert win, also great ride by Moinard.

Off topic, but what's happened to Afrank?
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28 May 2015 16:05

Great victory, true champ!!
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28 May 2015 16:11

Great ride by Phil today... two victories that are real nice additions to his palmares...
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28 May 2015 16:14


that attack was pretty cool
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29 May 2015 02:02

Very nice win and smart team riding.
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29 May 2015 10:55

Two good wins by Gilbert. Really believe that the results i AGR and LBL didn't justify his form. Unlucky/poor tactical performance in AGR and the crash in FW ruined his chances in LBL. Hope we'll see him in top form in the second half of the season too. San Sebastian, Eneco Tour and GP Montreal and Quebec could be good races for Gilbert.
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28 Jul 2015 08:18

2 wins in 7 days, he's looking good. Hope he can add some more great wins to his palmarees in the next 2 months!
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