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Off Season. What now?

A place to discuss all things related to current professional road races. Here, you can also touch on the latest news relating to professional road racing. A doping discussion free forum.

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Off Season. What now?

Fall in depression
Pretend season does NEVER finish.
Rewatch old races
Move to The Clinic
Off season??? There's still Beijing!
Create useless polls
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ale ok

06 Nov 2012 21:19

watch soccer ( premier league / champions league etc ) drink lashings of ale

and dream of a perfect 2013 cycling season where only my favourites win
User avatar ebandit
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06 Nov 2012 21:40

Watch cyclocross races, train for next year, and buy/sell cycling items on ebay.
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06 Nov 2012 21:53

This +100, what a stage!

Also waiting for my new bike to arrive and try to maintain summer form as much as possible...
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08 Nov 2012 10:47

Cyclocross!! I guess that is some form of pretending it's not over? It's like the last hour of a minor one day race: very exciting, almost no boring moments.
Go to this forum (during the season I never have the time), I even visited the Clinic yesterday.
I also check results of oversea races like Tahu/Colombia more oftenas long as I recognise some names or teams, so Beijing is in that categorie.
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08 Nov 2012 18:36

Train like a frigging monster
User avatar iZnoGouD
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09 Nov 2012 02:01

This morning my Mini-Mal got its first run since easter, need to get surf fit again as its looking like a great summer. The first cricket test against South Africa starts soon too :D

I feel sorry for many of you up in the Northern Hemisphere :(
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User avatar 42x16ss
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09 Nov 2012 02:43

I'll be writing my thesis this winter. Yay! :(

Actually, it'll be fun, if stressful. James Joyce, colonialism, and the Celtic Revival. What more does a cycling fan need between now and March? ;)

Oh and my buddies are way into American football. I suppose I'll drink too much on Sundays and watch some of that. Training like Ulle. :cool:

Now I'm off to vote in polls...
User avatar mr. tibbs
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09 Nov 2012 08:31

I am going hunting from next week. :o
User avatar Zam_Olyas
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09 Nov 2012 09:47

mr. tibbs wrote:I'll be writing my thesis this winter. Yay! :(

me too! :(
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User avatar Eshnar
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09 Nov 2012 11:14

Voted for the Clinic.

I actually forget going to the Professional road racing section most of the time last weeks.

It's always good the season ends, because I always notice my interest in cycling fades a bit during September. Normally I follow and try to see pretty much any race, but once September comes I only watch the big races and actually miss results of smaller races.

Once it's over though it won't take long before I start to miss it. I'm allready looking forward to the TDU. No kidding!

I try to watch cyclocross, but I always forget about it.
User avatar Kwibus
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11 Nov 2012 15:07

I'm so depressed I try to avoid this forum so I can try to forget that cycling actually exists.
User avatar SafeBet
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25 Nov 2012 20:23

Reading about whatever crazy stuff the teams get up to on their big winter training camp/ first meeting with new guys is rather entertaining! :D
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User avatar RedheadDane
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26 Nov 2012 09:47

Why not watching cross?
User avatar Buffalo Soldier
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