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25 Dec 2012 00:00

If we're talking Colombian jerseys, the best is 2011 Nectar Cundinamarca-Pinturas Bler:

User avatar Libertine Seguros
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25 Dec 2012 00:33

Dazed and Confused wrote:well its wearable, but I do somewhat agree that the base line design is dull. Very good for the sponsor however. Clean and cut dry.

Edit: I prefer Coldeportes '12 over this.

+100000 One of my all-time favorite kits.
User avatar Angliru
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27 Dec 2012 16:59

vini fantini - sella


bardiani - csf (former csf colnago)
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27 Dec 2012 17:06

I really like csf jersey
User avatar Ryo Hazuki
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27 Dec 2012 18:34

AntonioRossi wrote:bardiani - csf (former csf colnago)

I'm sure we all remember the last time that team had green jerseys :D
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User avatar will10
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27 Dec 2012 20:08

will10 wrote:I'm sure we all remember the last time that team had green jerseys :D

Yeah :D they've won the Team classement with 45 minutes ahead of Astana:

Team Time
1 CSF Group-Navigare 268h 52' 44"
2 Astana + 43' 48"
3 Liquigas + 1h 00' 42"
4 LPR Brakes-Ballan + 1h 06' 48"
5 Silence-Lotto + 1h 38' 13"
6 Diquigiovanni-Androni + 1h 53' 33"
7 Team CSC + 1h 57' 53"
8 Quick Step + 2h 05' 32"
9 Caisse d'Epargne + 2h 14' 59"
10 Rabobank + 2h 22' 25"
User avatar MagnusMagnussen
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27 Dec 2012 20:12

[quote="AntonioRossi"]vini fantini - sella


New name, still the easiest to spot.
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27 Dec 2012 20:49

Are the pants not true black? Do they actually have a tint to them?
User avatar mr. tibbs
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28 Dec 2012 00:23

AntonioRossi wrote:vini fantini - sella


Once again the highlighters will remain one of the best kits in the peloton.
User avatar Afrank
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30 Dec 2012 20:59


User avatar Geraint Too Fast
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30 Dec 2012 21:07

Geraint Too Fast wrote:AccentJobs-Wanty


I like it, simple, but a good color scheme.
Moser fanboy.

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User avatar gustienordic
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30 Dec 2012 21:10

Geraint Too Fast wrote:AccentJobs-Wanty


Mediocre. Are there any pictures of the back?
Dazed and Confused
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30 Dec 2012 23:40

It's ok, way way better than this season
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31 Dec 2012 10:24

User avatar GP Blanco
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31 Dec 2012 12:06

User avatar Flamin
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01 Jan 2013 10:33

Junior Member
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01 Jan 2013 10:36

durhamwasp wrote:Image

EBH looks cool
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Vino attacks everyone
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01 Jan 2013 10:41

Vino attacks everyone wrote:EBH looks cool

He also looks 10 years younger than his teammates.

Is the regular jersey now all black and white? Except for some weird blue armband.
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01 Jan 2013 10:44

I'm not a fan. Would have expected Rapha to make something that looked cool, but this looks weird IMO. The national jerseys aren't that bad but the normal black one looks like it belongs in some weird porn movie rather than in a bike race...
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01 Jan 2013 10:52

Big positive for actually giving EBH a proper national champion's kit.

The actual jersey is pretty boring, though I will improve my mark massively if we see the back and it doesn't have that crappy white reverse.
User avatar Libertine Seguros
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