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Record setting Volagi bike stolen

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Record setting Volagi bike stolen

03 Dec 2012 21:23

Hi all not sure where to put this posting so it's on a new thread.

Just want to ask for your help in finding my bike. It was stolen yesterday, 12/2/2012, from downtown Santa Cruz, CA between 5 and 6 pm (big cable was cut). It was not in very good shape, needs a full overhaul and new bearings, rings, and cogs, due to the fact that I put 10,000 miles on it between mid May and mid October this year. It also has pretty big gashes from running as-big-as-it-can-take 'cross tires on 2000 miles of dirt and mud, while setting the speed record on Russia's "Road of Bones" (an unimpressive 16.5 days... record's ripe for the pickin!). In its current state of disrepair, it's probably not worth too much, but it's an awesome bike, a soft enough ride to do at least thirty consective daily centuries on it or a couple of consecutive double centuries without giving you saddle sores, rails descents like a beast, has the stopping power of a brick wall and the turn carving abilities of a slot car, and it has a lot of sentimental value to me, as I tried to ride around the world on it.

Attached is a photo from before the trip. When it was stolen, it did not have gear, a rack, or aero bars and it had LOOK pedals and black chainrings, nor did it have a goat trying to eat it, nor was it at a cafe on the transiberian highway. With any luck it's in the hands of some Heroin junkie in Santa Cruz still and the cops will find it within the week, but the cut cable, new york lock, and Giro Aeon helmet were also taken which makes me think there was a truck involved and it's probably out of county. Please let me know if you see it on craigslist or in real life. 2012 Volagi Liscio 55cm, mix of very used DA and Ultegra, FSA cranks, white on black with black aluminum wheels, serial # ends in 0036. My number is 831 For_Won_Nine 8956.

Thank you!

Sean Ardley

831 For_Won_Nine 8956.


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