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Better Cobblestone rider: Boonen or Cancellara?

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Better Cobblestone rider: Boonen or Cancellara?

Poll ended at 23 Jan 2013 21:19

Total votes : 146

13 Dec 2012 18:18

Kwibus wrote:Ofcourse. All dutchies are the same...

What I know of De Vlaeminck is that he's quite a bitter man usually. Wether he cares about his record or not I do not know.

Sorry if I flared up a bit, yesterday but Ryo really gets on my nerves. I never thought I would've said that before I registered here.

No, he's not a bitter man, I don't know where this idea comes from and he does not care about his record, or no longer. People aged 65 have other things to care about.
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