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The most spetacular hunger knocks

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10 Dec 2012 06:49

Parrulo wrote:an hungerknock is not lack of consistency. . . is just what happens when a cyclists forgets to eat properly. what causes such spectacular crack in performance is that since cyclists have very low % of fat they have no backup energy stored so when they run out of energy extracted from food with no backup energy and since it takes a while to digest new food they simply bonk completely. so an hungerknock is more lack of experience (kreuziguer is only 26 let's not forget) then consistency. also you usually are fully recovered from an hungerknock the very next day which kreuziguer proved with his stage win. in case you doubt that you recover in time for the next stage from an hungerknock, the one who said it was perico delgado( on famous contador PN stage) and imo he is a pretty reliable source.

You missed my point. I know what a hunger knock is and have experienced them myself, awful feeling when you are a long way from the finish of a race. Maybe I was unclear. Maybe Kreuziger did have a hunger knock in the Giro but he can't be having multiple hunger knocks in every Grand Tour he contests. His lack of consistency is what effects him and hunger knocks just add to the problem. But I agree often the next day there is no problem and recovery is relatively quick.
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10 Dec 2012 16:01

Roman Kreuziger, Luz-Ardiden, 2011.
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