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09 Dec 2012 14:22

phanatic wrote:The haters take this one:
Because the riders make the race, and everybody gets broken on this one: the Yellow Jersey, the man who took yellow, the race winner, the stage winner who wheelsucks a dropped king of the mountains back up to the great one himself who is dramaticlly broken in slow motion by Pierre Rolland.

Yeah you're right.

I especially loved the huge bunch 12km from the finish.
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09 Dec 2012 14:24

The Hitch wrote:I know yall love that because its 250k but its basically Mortirolo finish with Gavia. Tonalle and Mendola are meh and Gavia is 60k from the foot of Mortirolo.

I would have thought there would have been harder Giro stages than that. San Christina maybe, but more importantly the stages were the mountains come back to back to back at the end, like Gardeccia last year or the route through those mountains in 2008 even though it was short or something like the 2003 stage were again it was major mountain after major mountain after major mountain for the finish.

IMO better than Mortirolo with a false flat even if Gavia comes before it.

You cannot possibly be serious.
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09 Dec 2012 15:26

Descender wrote:You cannot possibly be seriou

You really think the.modern peloton would do anything until mortirolo?
The Hitch: Winner 2013 Vuelta cq game. Winner, Velorooms prediction game 2012, 2013. 2nd all time cq rankings.
The Father of Clean Cycling, Christophe Bassons wrote:When I look at cycling today, I get the impression that history is repeating itself: riders who are supposed to be rouleurs are climbing passes at the front of the race, and those who are supposed to be climbers are riding time trials at more than 50 kilometres per hour.

The story is beginning again, just as it did 14 years ago

journalist with integrity.
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09 Dec 2012 18:16

The Hitch wrote:You really think the.modern peloton would do anything until mortirolo?

You really think having ridden 220 km through those climbs would make no difference?
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