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Who do you predict will be the best time trialist of 2013?

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best time trialist of 2013

Poll ended at 09 Jan 2013 14:53

Total votes : 118

Who do you predict will be the best time trialist of 2013?

10 Dec 2012 14:52

Only for 2013... NOT "up until now" or whatever.
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10 Dec 2012 14:52

Martin, Tony.
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10 Dec 2012 15:12

Tony and Wiggo, will be the top #2 and I lean towards Tony.

Fabian to be there or thereabouts but just a step back, as will Froome.
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10 Dec 2012 15:17

Tony I think
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10 Dec 2012 15:20

Rohan Dennis
User avatar Jason_Mercier
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10 Dec 2012 15:25

Tony Martin.
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10 Dec 2012 15:33

Wiggo. No signs it shoulda been any other way.
User avatar plooton
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10 Dec 2012 15:37

Tony Martin. It's what he does best and he will retain focus. He doesn't seem to be talking GTs or cobbled classics. So all for the TT for him
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10 Dec 2012 15:45

Martin. Both Wiggins and Froome will take a step down from 2012, the Sky banner year.
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10 Dec 2012 15:53

Martin to crush both TDF tts (No Canc) but Spartacus to make it 5 in Florence.

plooton wrote:Wiggo. No signs it shoulda been any other way.

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10 Dec 2012 15:53

The Hitch wrote:Martin to crush both TDF tts (No Canc) but Spartacus to make it 5 in Florence.


No,Alberto for the second TT :D if he is there
User avatar LaFlorecita
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10 Dec 2012 16:11

lieuwe westra.
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10 Dec 2012 16:30

User avatar iZnoGouD
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10 Dec 2012 16:37

Taylor Phinney. Martin won't be far off though and no one will be able to dominate the time trial scene.
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10 Dec 2012 17:14

1. Martin
2. Kessiakoff
3. Wiggo
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10 Dec 2012 17:42

2013 - Martin.

2014 - Phinney.
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10 Dec 2012 17:44

I think Phinney will take yet another step up. Even though it's not really possible without winning the Worlds, which I don't think he will. I'm confident that he'll be named as a top 3 best time trialist after 2013, though.
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10 Dec 2012 20:32

Martin. Then Phinney, Cancellara then Durbridge.
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10 Dec 2012 20:41

Martin, if in 2011 shape.
Cancellara, if he's riding like in 2009/10.
Phinney if he improves on last year.
Dennis, Durbridge, no.
Westra, hell no.
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10 Dec 2012 21:16

1. Canc
2. Martin
3. Phinney
4. Durbridge
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