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Which "Superteam" will be the most successful in 2013?

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Which team will be the most successful in 2013?

RadioNissan Trek
Saxo Tinkoff
Omega Pharma Quick Step
Total votes : 101

14 Dec 2012 03:01

Voted Saxo [SIZE="3"][color="white"](in my fantasy world they'll be the most successful team)[/color][/SIZE]
But in the end it will be OPQS as the most successful team which won't be a problem ;)
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14 Dec 2012 03:35

ElChingon wrote:With luck many riders could be 5 time Tour winners, but that how it goes with luck, harsh or not.

That is just it, he needs people like you to remind us of any of his feats because they all fall by the way side otherwise. There is no rewards for finishing N number of GT's or being on podium (without winning) in N GT's either. One win and a lackluster win that is often forgotten when one thinks back on the Tour winners, there are no great stage battles or dramatic wins in that Tour, it was all very flat (emotion-wise). But I will give you that he won it.

So what was Sastre's solo attack on Alpe D'Huez that won him the Tour :confused:
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14 Dec 2012 08:50

With SaxoTinkoff's massive strengthening by getting more good riders, I believe that they are back on the strength that they were around before Leopard-Trek pulled the rug luring half the team away (Schleck's and Cancellara and a number of lesser riders such as Voigt and Fuglsang), if thats enough, i don't know (sky looks like they've dropped a good bit, by refocusing to a bigger degree on GT podiums, instead of stage wins) but they'll most likely be up there.
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